Canada's own Shad will be releasing his next album, TSOL, on May 25th via Black Box Recordings. Here is the first video from the upcoming album, "Yaa I Get It." This one knocks, and Shad exhibits that witty wordplay that's got his name buzzing stateside.

Props to exclaim



  • b.unknown


    1st. lol

  • B_Dun

    This is pure ill ‘ish!

  • Roach

    London stand UP!!

  • Run


  • ChikeJ

    Canada – and southern Ontario in particular! – stand up!

    Very, very talented brother.

  • goodgood

    you can download the track for free on his website:

  • ttudda


  • zk

    reminds me why i love rap…

  • Infinite P aka I.Peezy (google me)

    best ish I have ever heard from Shad..word.

  • KD06

    maybe I’m reading too much into this but he defanitley isn’t better than Meth…. He can flow but not even close to an icon.


    waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any of the new reflection eternal bullshit there first album was a classic also was just begun i think hi tek has been spending to much time around g-unit or soething lol but this is dope big up shad

  • R.I.P. Guru

    Rakim, North-Pole edition!

  • ChikeJ

    Yo. “The precision of my flows in terms of tone and diction is akin to that of the old masters of prose and fiction.” Yes.

  • GotDayum

    @KD06 I think you completely missed the punchline/wordplay. He said he was doper than Meth (methamphetamine)

  • old ugly

    this man is TOPS.

  • ianblackbox

    he was talking about method man, but its tongue in cheek. check out the full album stream to get shad’s take on the mock-dis: http://www.spinner.ca/2010/05/04/shad-tsol-new-album/

  • B Dogg

    he said he was better then Methodman what?