This morning, Amazon premiered the official video for Sade's lead single, "Soldier of Love" (check back there for the vid if this link dies). This serves as the title track for Sade's sixth studio album in her 25 year career. As to the hiatus (10 years since her last album), Sade had this to say: “I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I'm not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand.” This record gets better with every spin, and the video only enhances the experience. Soldier of Love will be out February 9th (pre-order it here).

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  • Chinaedu

    Thank you Sade for another one.

  • Jahi

    Sade is so special. Music for the soul, every time. And I’m glad she does not release albums all the time. All of her music can be classified as CLASSIC

  • Mike Shousky

    That shoulf have been Prof Griff leading the militant steps!

  • hot knives

    I love you, Ms. Folasade Adu!

  • von duch

    Im so happy you decided to give us another one. You are the best Ms.Adu. Love ya.

  • Steel

    Beautiful woman, beautiful voice, beautiful soul, beautiful visual! Welcome back Ms. Adu!

  • Nia Nini

    Sade’s new album ‘Soldier of Love’ will be released 2/09 it is going to be amazing!!!!!!! To pre-order your own copy just click the link below, and you can watch her new video…..


  • roy v

    I just heard some tracks off of the Sade album and I hate most of them. I am sooo disappointed. this is her worst album!.

  • roy v

    I don’t like the new album at all! I feel like crying, I’m so let down!

  • thearckitect

    Sade is STILL gorgeous!!… They were on some S1W’s type shit!!.. Loved it!

  • bill the ex mailman

    Sade, her vocal tones are lovely vibrations that seep through my bones, she is blessed with uncanny soulful art

  • Lankh

    damn !! the clip is epic. soul food.

  • wendydownsable

    I too am a soldier of love.you’ll know if you belong!

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