For the latest edition of the Court Dunn x nah right "One Shot" series, we get the video for Rhymefest's "Letter." The song features a John Mayer sample on the hook, and appeared on 'Fests' recently released mixtape, Dangerous 5:18. El Che will be in stores May 18th.



  • Letters

    This is a boring video. Can’t you come a little more correct?

  • Rhymefest’s 15 Minutes

    I’m so appalled. *wince*

  • kidtruth

    three words you never want to see on a rapper’s tape…
    featuring john mayer.

  • GearldsGrotto

    Rhymefest getting a little sensitive are we?

  • RCA

    Common and Kanye West both have songs featuring John Mayer….song’s alright, video’s boring.

  • Boodah

    this is an ill song it could have been Willie Bobo on the song with him and its still cold! John mayer or not he did his thing!!!!

  • kittysanchez

    Rhymefest + Doogie Howser M.D.= John Mayer?

  • Thumbs up

    Video is wack but the song is dope. How can you not like John Mayer? Ya’ll are so wack. “Always got something to say like an Okayplayer hater…”

  • Peso

    Yo! is a John Mayer hook let it fucking go! Rhymefest is one of the best MC’s out there right now.

  • sean dammit

    Let’s be real, this doesn’t feature John Mayer, it just blatantly samples a John Mayer song from 2002. It’s not terrible, but it’s a little misleading to imply that this is a collaboration.


    I want to Hear A Rhymefest and David Banner collab

  • Blu Ballz

    shits weak

  • 937andheartbreak

    This shit is ass

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