Yesterday, Myspace Music world premiered the new Reflection Eternal video, "In This World." There's been a lot of build up for this vid – you got the audio, a video teaser, and some on the set commentary on the last OKPTV (watch the duo explain the track further, after the jump). Now, watch the BKMC Kweli, and Cinci's own Hi-Tek bring life to this triumphant song in the full vid. Video directed by Punit Dhesi and visual effects by Steven Tapia. "In This World" will be available on iTunes on March 23rd, and Revolutions Per Minute will be in stores April 20th.


  • NONcent$


  • Ozzbizzy


  • Mike Shousky

    Best thing I have heard in such a long time
    Gil Scott remix Me and The Devil

  • djrubadub

    shit hard…

  • s.g.

    eyes wide open…..

  • don kwon

    Pretty damn good.

  • secondsunn

    can’t wait…been a fan since forever..got my baby brother up on it too..makin’ sure he grows up listening to quality

  • Philip Arthur

    Reflection Eternal!!! What more can I say? This track is a work of art and stands tall in this world of mediocre hip hop that is flooding the mainstream media. Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek you have done it again. Excellent work.

  • Dunks

    Great, great track. Good to have these two working together again. Gotta say though, not digging this video man…

  • STZA

    eyes wide open….. [2]

  • Kalaika

    Not really into the beat. The hook is weak. Kweli is ok but I’ll be forever waiting the the Black Star Kweli to come back! Is anybody with me?

  • Duck Duck

    The video is cool but the beat ain’t. what’s that super slow tempo about?

  • Master Asia

    I can’t tell is Hi-Tek has a tiny head, or is wearing a very large hat…


    dope video but not exactly black star standards and nothing compared to the original reflection eternal an the bet is wack the tempo is so slow


    the track shouldnt be on the album and its no were near epic like kweli says and the joint with jay electronica and j cole should of been the lead single instead anybody feeling me?

  • ali amazin

    that joint was tight

  • Ty Teacher

    I completely agree and understand where DJ Crossfader is coming from. I love the dual of Talib and Hi-Tech, in fact i think they are one of Hip Hops best when they are together. But this song is no where near anything on the Reflection Eternal LP. There were so many better song on the mixtape.

  • ILL 7

    Track is sick! really feeling it! and if you like the old stuff then buy they old albums.

  • 4/20 Watcher

    WTF!! Did you hear that same track as me? It’s the return of Reflection Eternal. What happened to really listening to music? All you gotta say is what’s with the slow tempo? Are you for real? Not everything can be a club banger.

    I mean, you can like whatever you like, but I’m definitely ready for RPM.

  • JDDD

    This is an incredible track from Talib & Tek. The feeling I get from this is what I feel from Tribe and Roots records, because this is GREAT MUSIC WITH TRUE FEELINGS DISPLAYED THROUGH THE BEAT AND THE LYRICS! Definitely buying this album when it drops! Thanks Kweli for being so real!

  • SphR

    I’m feelin it… Dope track.

  • STZA

    how can someone hate THIS?!

  • Ghostman

    Can anyone explain 02:47 to me??

  • Main-One


  • kidtruth

    I think this is dope. I love the beat. Don’t understand the hate. Sometimes I don’t like Talib but damn.

  • I know.


  • Frankie Octane

    FLAWLESS!!! I like the slow beat cause I can easily understand what Kweli is saying. I’ve always thought that in BlackStar that Kweli was the better more lyrical MC and Mos Def was the charismatic performer. Kweli is the type of MC with a lot to say so he seems to try to cram it all in 16 bars and spit it in double time when he rhymes which forced me to listen harder when he comes on cause I didn’t (and still don’t) want to miss a thing. Look the song is dope and Finally the man has a good video (I can’t think of one good video the man has done).

  • Mishoo


  • 3one

    datz watz ub!!

  • Kornflakeboy

    So dope!

  • 2:47

    Yep, 2:47 appears to be just that. Thanks for pointig it out.

  • jDot

    Something to vibe to! Summer night…cruising…windows down…

    Love from Toronto.

  • Gordy

    This song is tight, can’t wait for the album.

  • Inua

    If this is a sample from the album, I am not as exited as I want to be.