Happy Halloween y'all, and Happy Birthday to Pharoahe Monch. What better way to celebrate the man, then with a new video. Today, Pharoahe asked us to premiere his new video for "Welcome To The Terrodome," one of the many standout tracks from hist last LP, Desire.  The song, as you should know, is a remake of the Public Enemy smash bearing the same name.  The song is nearly 20 years old and still holds true.  The video is filled with many strong (and some graphic) Socio-Political images to help get it's meaning across.  Follow me after the jump for another video featuring Monch explaining how the song and video came to be.


  • Slick Ant

    This was one of the dopest songs on the album. Pharoahe, like Chuck D, has an amazing soul stirring voice. I wish this album had better promotion, it was pretty awesome.

  • CriticalBEATdown

    Dope song. Pharoahe is Top Ten, no doubt. But 1nce again, the video disappoints. What’s up with these no skill music video directors these days. Just cause you got a camera and some editing program doesn’t mean you have any business directing shit… Let the real directors stand up and these wanna-be’s sit down. Or take a film class or something. Bitches.

  • nuneya

    this album was dope! No one could have done this remake but Pharoahe…He is smartest hip hop artist out and he’s fine as hell! Just waiting for him to get on Twitter cuz myspace is lame as hell. Happy Bornday G!

  • Thank you Pharoahe

    We need more prophets.
    Tell the youth
    stand up.

  • Swirl

    Video is dope, song is fire and Monch is the best, nuff said

  • kelvinmercerlookalikes alot!

    so ill! harsh but real @the beginning

  • tightschoola

    VIDEOS OFF THE HOOK. pharoahe’s the realest

  • Old Head

    As a 40 year old original “decendant” of Hip Hop, I must give mad props to Pharoahe; he did his thing. But, reciting the words of true prophets like Chuck D does not wisdom represent. I will say that to study someone such as Chuck, Griff, or the likes of that particular era make Monche an excellent carrier of the torch-let’s see where you are going to take it from there, from student to teacher, usher in the next generation as each one should indeed teach one. You and those like you make me proud to be a parent in this new age of Hip Hop; I have an example that I can refer my three sons to.

  • veracydict

    Thank you! simple: thank you!

  • Big Ups!

    Best album since 2000 for me. Pharoahe = best hip hop artist alive. Bring on the next release!

  • RRR

    wow.really dope song and nice msg.

  • adbust

    That video is nice. pharoahe keep it going bro

  • THE GUY 84

    SERIOUS VIDEO!! Well played…hot beat, hot MCing, but that video was powerful stuff my goodness! Good to see Pharoah throw it down hard.

  • howit

    how did i not see this sooner! this video is offffff the chain. pharoahe’s the real emcee we needed.

  • Keep

    Pharoahe keeps blowin me away. Every single time.

  • Tru

    Yo this shit is powerful. Monch easily a top five emcee. Wish he’d put out more but aw well, just gonna put this album on repeat.