Rhymesayers emcee P.O.S. never seems to have any problems holding my attention with his videos. Here is his latest creative visual effort, his video for "Purexed," shot on those warm Minneapolis streets. P.O.S.'s album, Never Better, is in stores now.



  • eazy

    at least he’s honest about who his fans are.

  • DiViNCi of SoS

    Always kills it.. whoever does all of his videos is the shite!

  • mr.mr.mr. guy


  • AYO!

    i should like this but i dont… the music that is, the vid is whatev


    I say it everytime P.O.S. get love on OP, so I don’t mind repeating myself. The kid is DOPE no question about it!

  • Nyle’s Fantasy

    its easy to think that this video is just “okay” if you don’t know anything about film. From the standpoint of a music video lover, this shit is a 10/10

  • dankalumni

    P.O.S. is great hes reppin that murderapolis. 612! btw lazerbeak is a fucking genius period