Rhymesayers emcee P.O.S. is never one to put out the typical music video, and he keeps that creativity alive with this stop-motion vid for "Goodbye." Never Better is in stores now.

Video: P.O.S. "Optimist"



  • Mattyc000

    this videos been out since march…dope none the less

  • Blix

    haha, yeah i was wonderin the same thing…i thought this had been out for a while??

  • damn

    i never saw this, pretty dope

  • Steel

    P.O.S. is dope palin and simple!

  • eazy

    who are all those American Apparel models he’s hangin out with?

  • mart

    Yeah Minneapolis, cold weather, warehouses, and graffiti. P.O.S. is the shit!