I’m sure you are all as Ni@@ered out as I am, but Nas has some more new ish for us today. First the much talked about “Be A Ni@@erToo” video directed by Rik Cordero is here. Not much more can be said about the vid, you just gotta see it. It’s long as hell though, and is basically a short film so get that popcorn ready. Hit the boards and discuss your outrage/approval with the vid. Nasir’s mixtape with DJ Green Lantern also was released today “The Ni@@er Tape,” I’m about half way through and it’s pure heat, banger after banger. Shout out to the kid Legend for the links.


  • Kai “J Phlame” Phoenix

    Nas is the most relavent writer/emcee of my time he does and says the things that everybody’s favorite’s 50cent,Jay Z,Lil Wayne are afraid to. He talks about the important issues that we deal with today and yesterday. Hear carries on the tradition of public enemy,2pac,nwa,and krs one. I was afraid for him when I heard about this but he remains my favorite emcee. I’m a emcee from san antonio,texas aye nigga the south is riding with ya kinfolk.

  • PurpleZoe/UltravioletUnderground.com

    Despite the confusion, Nas’ choice to bring attention to the ‘N’ word is definitely a move to create positive social change. Too many folks misunderstood the purpose behind his decision. If they watch the video all the way through and listen to the lyrics they may get the picture now.
    Bless Nas for standing up and speaking intelligence when so many mainstream artists have abandoned their brains.

    Shine on

  • kenster

    its a statement. proactive no but an image burned in my mind.

  • Tha Architect

    Nas proves once again why he’s the illest of my generation’s time. All these plantation niggas’ out here, scared of this, scared to speak the truth. I feel sorry for you. I really do. Change is coming.

  • Big B

    I am so happy that I came up in the eighties and was able to see the transformation of this beautiful art form and at 23 hearing this brother NAS. This is when I didn’t have a wife and all I had to do was finish up college, work my little job and dig deep into this music–reading every liner note, trying to get me hands on all mix tapes, and just enjoying life. I know he hasn’t always doesn’t do it right but when he does there is none better! Listening to that “Nas Timeline” on the Nigger Tape is my adult Hip Hop life…

  • Jazxl

    I hope this can get a dialogue started. I just hope it doesn’t get taken the wrong way, the way the boondocks chappelle show have been. I m not sure if they mad things better or worse. I hear nigga getting thrown around a lot more since three years ago…..

  • theflyladieschamp

    Simply Nasir Jones is the best hip hop artist alive. I thought you knew!!!

  • M to tha J

    um i like nas, and i see what he’s tryin to do, guess if u gotta use the word might as well make it ur own & b proud, ok? personally i like when we called each other sista & brotha, or blood (non-gang related), or even “yo god”…
    BUT y ‘ni@@as’ always doin free advertisement for luxury items n shit? he so worried bout keepin it REAL, and tryna give a lil history, the slave master, noose, ect., but i find it ignorant that in the middle of this ‘lecture’ he makes sure to throw in the fact that he’s rollin a aston martin…who gives a ….?! mayb shit wouldnt b so bad 4 ni@@as if we put less $$ back in the ‘oppressors’ bank accounts and put it back into our communities. hope aston martin paid for the video, and is this ni@@a gonna get a check for advertising too?

  • Imhotep1

    Nobody does it like NAS…….. THAT’S MY NIGGA TIL THE CASKET CLOSE!!!!

  • skeptic NYC

    When cats are such purist to talk in terms of the oppressed and the oppressor they place themselves in boxes without unattainable expectations. Viewing the world from this perspective disempowers the concept of humanity – in that language and culture merge with commerce to define social structures. Nas is both explicit and implicit in his investigation – “we the slave and the master, what you lookin for, you the question and the answer.” So if he cops some hot ride, its cause he is the master of his own domain – if he chooses to patron businesses from “the oppressed” thats his decision as well. If your investments are guided by the perspective of “oppressed” and “oppressor” it rarely if ever reflects to the larger moral and ethical nature of the business’ s decisons. Get out the box ni##as, get out the box.

  • Coldsun3000

    LMAO at this site…
    All the Nas hate is slowing down a bit huh… Open up your minds and ears kids
    I have no idea how cats is sleepin on one of the GOATs (and thats fact)

  • malik-o-rama

    This is the music I will raise my children on. I think that says it all…

  • Teeshirtking

    I fuck wit NAS cuz he knows his history. I fuck wit NAS cuz I know my history. I fuck wit NAS cuz like PAC, he has the nuts to say what most emcees won’t. I fuck wit NAS cuz his music depicts the struggle between materialism and righteousness(thus the aston martin line). Simply, I fuck wit NAS cuz NAS fucks wit NIGGAS like me! I dont give a fuck how you spell it, PEACE.

  • evan82

    people with hearts and brains love nas for all he represents. i dont know if this is direction i want for hip hop, but im not a rapper. im an artist. i think people like nas should write texts, and become the intellectuals they aspire to be. this mode of expression seems ill suited to the statement.

    as a black person, i find it troubling that we no longer have a private discourse to air our hurt. by entering this nigger tape into the public discourse, we provide entertainment, not enlightenment to the world.

    i refuse to be entertainment.

  • Acro 1