Earlier we got a glimpse at Mos Def performing a new song, "It Ain't My Fault" at the the Gulf Aid benefit in New Orleans. Mos has since teamed up with Lenny Kravitz, Trombone Shorty, Tim Robbins, and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band to record a proper version of the song. Above, check out a live version of the song that resulted from an all night jam session. You can donate to the cause here.

Spotted at illRoots


  • Kalo de 78

    This is so ill. wow.

  • R.U.R.

    Dear Mos,

    Keep doing what you do; brah.

    Ma Salaam

  • eazy

    that was great.
    what exactly did Tim Robbins do? looks like he just happened to be there.


    Tim Robbins just looks cool dressed all old timey.. Thats what he did. LOL

  • mydogtrot

    I love that Mos is usin the Signature Red Mic

  • Squelch

    Mos you are the coolest cat by far in the game.

  • kidtruth

    Maaaan this is great. Props. Mos Def’s voice is perfect for this kind of track. Hope I hear more.

  • this is

    this is class. future


    I don’t care what yall say. Mos looked stupid dressed like that. He’s been looking wack like that for a minute. Hope he comes to his senses again some time soon. joint is MEH also.. .

  • TheDoorIsAjar

    Music is dope, but what on EARTH is Mos wearing?

  • intelligentREbelLion

    mighty mighty MOS _ shit is crazy i dont believe this cant be fixed NOW

  • Augusts1

    This is the old school New Orleans sound & it works perfectly for this track. Mos is rockin’ an old school look too, I love it!

  • Hwanee

    Mos’ outfit is too ill. These cats ain’t ready though.

  • Stitch

    So When’s the Mp3 Gonna b avail.?
    I needs to own this!

  • willl-i-am

    so ill.. love the song, and mos def outfit is dope

  • berger

    Chuck Love did a remix and video clip for IT AINT MY FAULT as well.

    Go to chucklove.com to see the video clip.

    all proceeds benefit gulfaid.org

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