Here we have Redman & Method Man's second video off of Blackout! 2, "Mrs. International." This definitely isn't my favorite song off of the album, but I'm not mad at that Temptations-esque line stepping they're doin' (with the help of Erick Sermon). Video directed by RAGE / Kevin Custer. Blackout! 2 is in stores now.


  • JAHI

    from the L L school…cool

  • kenster

    nice realy nice. i’m kinda upset wit sermon he is not taking good care off his self in his late years. no excuse for that he was always a little heavy. but damn e double you gotta do beter then that get that wieght off.

  • www.flyvibes.com

    Funny *ish…solid joint.

  • ChikeJ

    Dope song… and fiiiiine ladies…

  • Dillatastic

    Meth&Red came Nice&Smooth on this one!
    Very enjoyable song & video.
    Actually one of my fav’s of the album.

    Ps.Is Erick Sermon’s role in this song only the hook or did he have something to do with the beat?
    (If I’m not mistaken, this beat is supposed to be by Buckwild)
    Don’t get me wrong, I love E-Dub, but just wondering if “The Green-Eyed Bandit” has given up beatmaking for singing?
    Ayo’…at least he doesn’t use auto-tune!!! ;P


  • Mike Shousky

    This is dope! It is one of my favorite tracks on the album! Blackout 2!