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Video: Interview w/ Method Man On "The Wackness" & More

by shamz
10 years ago

Here we have a very well done interview between Kitty Troy and Method Man. They discuss Meth's latest acting role in a movie called "The Wackness," the state of hip hop in '94 (the year the movie is set in) compared to now, whether Method Man feels typecasted as the thug/drug dealer, his upcoming album with Redman (that ish can't drop soon enough), and his apathy towards the Presidentail race (lol@ her calling him by his Gov't). The interview is on the long side (12 mins) but it's very entertaining and Kitty asks some tough questions. OKP attended an NY screening of "The Wackness" last night. The movie was much better than I expected, and the crowd all seemed to enjoy it based on their many outbursts. Though I did cringe every time I had to hear Meth speaking in patois. If for no other reason I would suggest watching it on the strength of the score alone. All those classics from '94 realy set the tone for the movie. "The Wackness" will be showing in select theatres starting July 3rd.

Interview spotted on nahright

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