This is pretty dope, in my opinion, as you won't see very many signed artists doing these types of things. Melanie Fiona recently did a video subway series in which she travels to New York, London and Canada and does live performances in their respective subway stations and around key landmarks. In the videos, she also showcases and features local musicians from each area, as they are included in her performances. The point of the series is to show how she is bridging the gap between different cultures and backgrounds. Says Melanie of the experience: "When I made this album, I knew I wanted it to be something that would bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds. Not only have I been blessed to see that happen along the way, but my album has become my bridge to the rest of the world." Melanie's debut album, The Bridge, will be out November 10th.


  • solefulone

    Can D.C. Metro get some love Melanie??!!

  • dope soul

    man she is dopegirl she deefnitly gonna get spot in my blog
    melanie for life

  • don kwon

    Dzzzayumn. That was pretty noice. Would love to haphazardly run into that before hoppin’ on the train one day.

  • SOLOheat

    Yoooooooo That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long while. Give it up to the street artist! Melonie did good too, lol!

    Bring it to DC!

  • Faruk

    Absolutely amazing , one of the best, most interesting ideas in music recently, got mad love for Fiona right now.