Well look who's coming back out. Macy Gray will be releasing her fifth album, The Sellout on June 22nd. The LP has features from Bobby Brown, Velvet Revolver, and Romika. Here is the vid for her lead single, "Beauty In The World." Video directed by Adria Petty. I'm already fully sure that this vid ain't for me, but what do y'all think of the song?



  • judgmental prick

    bored out of my mind, And do they get how politically blind it is to do a song like this in WATTS!


    I love what Macy brings to the table….I like the song, the video was ok but she seem either not completely into it or she was exhausted…..regardless I will purchase the album.

  • igor

    Can’t play video>!


  • Superbizzee

    I think it’s time for Macy to go in a new direction. This psycho-hippy, happy-happy joy-joy stuff won’t cut it in 2010. I close my eyes and wonder what a Macy Gray/ Flying Lotus album would sound like.

  • Jahi

    I think this is sweet. We needed that reminder. Thanks Macy

  • LA all day

    watts towers!

  • KingOnMars

    I like Macy and her style.

  • Skooter

    I admit some of Macy’s stuff is kinda weak but she has some serious works of art plus I love her style.

    And Superbizzee just blew my mind… A Macy & Flying Lotus collab would be insane. Especially if you got a song featuring Janelle Monae, how fucking sick would that be?

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