In case you're not already in Kanye overload. Here's another post featuring Yeezy. 'Ye was a guest on SNL this past Saturday, which of course seems a little strange with his lines taking aim at them on "Power." In any case, he was the musical guest and performed "Runaway" with Pusha T and "Power" (with some alterations).

Spotted at MWP


  • yeezy?pleeze

    “Fuck SNL and the whole cast, Tell ’em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass more specifically they can kiss my asshole I am an asshole? you niggas got jugs”

    hey kanye snl wants you to play.

    OH SNAPS SON! let me switch this verse up real quick…
    what a tool bag he can’t even keep to his lyric.


  • hungrie

    that verse was way better than the snl original verse. he should change it.

  • really doe

    I really this this is garbage. Not even artistic. I hope Kanye reads this. Dude, you are unfocused. The singing stinks. The message in this is stupid. It’s weak dude. And the concept is not even forward thinking. And Pusha T doesn’t help. This is why Hip Hop is dead…oh my fault, this is not even Hip Hop…this is bad pop music..

  • dijavante

    the verse in this Power is good, but he shouldn’t be on snl. You can’t call them out then turn around and do their show. fail.

  • hu?

    I know damn well ya’ll feelin’ this!….
    I Damn sho am.. Damn sho AM.

  • cla

    haters everywhere…

  • djrubadub


    kanye was trippin during Pusha Ts verse though.

  • ben hur

    That new verse is better than the snl one. Don’t care if it was a sellout move or not, it improved the music. Change it.