Last night, Kanye West put on an acapella performance for Facebook's employees at their Palo Alto headquarters. He performs new verses from his upcoming LP, Good Ass Job. Above we get the first verse from "Lost In The World" and "My Chain Heavy," and after the jump we get "Mama's Boyfriend," and another joint from the table top. Sans beat these are soundin' kinda hard.

Spotted at nah right


  • I Need A Kanye Classic like College Dropout

    “this is the making of a masterpiece, until he broke out the chains and told the Master “Peace”….. Whoooooooooooooo… that’s all.

  • completethree

    Kanye is an incredible talent, definitely bringing lyrics back to the forefront. That’s hip-hop! Much love Ye!!!

  • I Also Need A Kanye Classic like College Dropout

    word. just when i was beginning to think late registration was the end of the road i finally hear some substantial lyrics.

  • Augusts1

    Damn, had no idea Kanye had such huge hands. They’re kinda freakishly large.

  • watitdone

    Is mama’s boyfriend about Delonte West?