Here is a much needed song and video that actually makes you think for a change. Kam Moye‘s “Black Enough” does not just bring up race in America but goes a little deeper. As black people in this country we are subject to many racial stereotypes from other races, but also many that come from ourselves as well. Many feel as though they have to play a certain role in order to be considered “black enough” to fit in. Being black enough not only refers to how we behave socially, but how we view black people with lighter complexions. In this video Kam Moye puts it all in perspective and points out how foolish the idea of being “Black Enough” really is. Before I get into a whole racial monologue on here, watch the video, then head over to The Lesson and discuss.



  • Jahi

    Yo. Appreciate the message in the music and the fact you took the time to shoot a vid to get your music across

  • mightyvt

    That’s my city representin’ as always, 804 baby!! We need more things like this to bring to the issue into more light. I definitely felt every word he was saying cause I’ve been through it

    keep it up brotha!

  • Amun Re

    very great, and on point

  • PurpleZoe/UltravioletUnderground.com

    Definitely timely.

  • Elinachi

    252 in the house….Sleep on North Carolina if u want…..

  • Bourguiba

    This is a great message, but gets clouded by tapping in to the culture of blame and excuses all races in this country have. Everyone needs to start being a little bit more honest about the ways in which they have f@#$ed up and that certain ills are brought upon themselves. Cut out the beginning and end and the video shows a new age message.

  • random black guy

    RBG lesson of the day: this is why i dont call myself Random “light skin, but still dark, but not that dark, cause my mom is white, but i took most of the black from pops, who is very dark, but not like bernie mac dark, more like everyone else dark” guy……..just black….its easier.

    darker than redman and common, though….like in the middle of them and most black people…….im so glad i live in canada…

  • The zul

    This is a great video for the people…..

  • Tlocksmith

    This is it….love it

  • SashaBe.

    …story of my life: I love it*