KRS-One and Buckshot just released the video for the title track off of their recently released collabo album, Survival Skills. "Follow the two legends through a maze of obstacles as they show what it takes to sustain longevity." Survival Skills is in stores now via Duck Down records.


  • juiceboxjackson

    this video reminds me of a “Fairly Odd Parents” episode…

  • PurpleZoe/purplemag.com

    Respect for the Golden-era Titans. I still don’t think the track production (the beat is a no) complements what they bring to the table lyrically, but I’m happy they’re still doing they’re thing.

  • Kryptik1

    It’s a spin off of TRON.

  • Kalo de 78

    buckshot is always nice, but them beats is ehh…


    WHAT THIS IS DOPE ……. you faggot ass tight pants mutha fukas this beat is dope … YALL LISTEN TO THAT GAY SHIT

  • Thanks.

    Another dope video off a very solid album. I am LOVING all of the collabos this year: Krs & Buckshot, A&E, O.C. & AG, Del & Tame One. When we look back on 09 we will be pleased.


    TRUE POET’s !!! 100