I've been hearing about this video for awhile, so now we're proud to bring you the premiere of Krs-One and Buckshot's song "Robot (prod. Havoc)." This song will appear on their collabo LP, Survival Skills, set to drop September 15th on Duck Down. Video directed by Todd Angkasuwan. If you need any more reasons to check for Survival Skills, Features on the record will include Mary J Blige, Slug of Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, K'naan, Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Naledge of Kidz In The Hall, Smif N Wessun, Rock of Heltah Skeltah and more. Production will be handled by Havoc,of Mobb Deep, 9th Wonder, Black Milk, Marco Polo, Moss, Coptic, KHRYSIS! and IllMind amongst others. Check after the jump for the Survival Skils album cover.


  • Wu Gambino

    Saw KRS and Buck at RTB in Chicago a couple weeks ago, show was the shit, thank you KRS for doing a record with this guy and helping to bring back hip hop. REAL HIP HOP IS OVER HERE

  • the zul

    yes they killed auto tune before JAY Z.
    Jay z is a jacker

  • WTF

    Not available in Germany? WTF

  • sons of the greenlight

    this ish is dope beee

  • emeltee

    Can’t see it in the UK….vid unavailable 🙁

  • The Words That I Manifest

    Sorry….good song…but D.O.A was better…..I don’t think the coffin at the end was a needed

  • E.R.I.

    The best songs these days are the ones born out of necessity. This was definitely needed!! Great video fellas…Fresh for 2009 you suckaaaaaaaaaaas!!

  • RICH48


  • Habilis

    DOA was better? Jay uses the same lame ass rhyme scheme for all 3 verses, not to mention some lame ass lines. Can’t wait to see these guys at Rock the Bells this weekend. . .

  • JAHI

    we need to keep this going because this is the balance. skills. KRS I see you. Buckshot. Fire..Thank you for keeping the lane open. We stand on your shoulders

  • HTA

    Nice..good to see 2 vets in the game still doin’ their thang! Vimeo.com/4184660

  • Shamz


    For those of you who can’t see the vid

  • Hood687

    Wow that was a really dope video! Can’t wait to see these guys rock this joint live at Rock The Bells this weekend. By the way, who gives a fuck whether this joint was better than the Jay-Z song? At least they’re both working toward one common goal: stopping wack-ass biting mothafuckas from using this autotune shit!!! That’s what I’m talking about!

  • DiViNCi of SoS

    I love this song.. video was dope too.. and the coffin at the end was indeed necessary, this song came out before Jay-Z’s and in my opinion does a better job at constructively making its point.

  • _rudy

    The song itself is ok, but the message is wack. Common said “if I don’t like it I don’t like it, that don’t mean that I’m hating,” KRS is just stuck artistically. He’s obviously aiming the track at Kanye, who at least tries stuff musically, while that joint is yet another generic undie rap album like we all heard hundreds of. Ye’s last album was personal and original, he dissed nobody on it and never claimed it was hip hop. If people like it what’s the problem?

  • Rude-E

    It sounds like he’s aiming it at those who still jock the autotone. i.e. T Pain, Lil Wayne, and all those other clowns on the radio (cant say that I know their names). I agree that Kanye is trying new stuff artistically but you also gotta give credit to the people he surrounds himself with (you don’t think a-trak had an influence in stronger?). If KRS-ONE is stuck artistically then cool cuz at least stuck on a level much higher that 99% of any other MC who claim that they’re the best alive. Better to be stuck in greatness than declining into wackness.

  • faruk


  • KD06

    Hands down KRS is the best ever. Buck had a nice run in the 90’s this jam has all the pieces but a solid beat. Lyrically the content is dope but you need a better beat to drive the point home. I think it’s less about DOA v/s Robot and more about the rap game needs a gut punch. KRS still has it I wish he would just call Premo and do it right…

  • alex chadwick of 3rd Brillyance

    This shit in my opinion is much better than Jay’s rant. I mean a lotta people wanna believe that when Jay say it that make it official. NO. This song came out before Jay’s version and I think it’s much fresher. I love this song. Radio aint gonna fuck with it though. Such a shame.


  • I believe

    co-sign Hood687

  • Grrr

    FIRE. period. Why criticize a song that’s only elevating the art form? If you truly love hip hop, you would appreciate this for what it is and not make comparisons to Jay’s track or anything else. Long live real ass emcees. Big ups to Jay-Z for his anti-auto tune track as well. Keep it coming.