Interviews with Jay Electronica are typically few and far between. While recently in his home city of New Orleans for the VooDoo Experience Kick-Off Party, we got this impromptu interview with Jay done by Filter TV. The highlight of this clip would be Jay shedding light on an upcoming project with Decon Records that has been in the works. Cameos from Mr. Porter, The Alchemist, and the homie Sweeney, as well.


  • 3456

    WTF? Jay is on some Rain Main shit. Stutters and stumbles over his words uncontrollably in conversation, But rides a beat with so much grace and lyrical precision. Go figure.

  • louder

    shut the f@*k up

  • dapluva!

    another Badu victim

  • Whoa!

    Ppl who stutter think fastter than the average that’s why they stumble over words, and could be the reason this niggaz a beast on the mic lol

  • Whoa!

    oh and…ohhhhh shit! to Jay’s last statement LMAO jus joking not really doe

  • dawight

    big ol queen runnin this interview. u go gurl!

  • okayplayer hater

    worst interview ever. didn’t even get a question answered until the second half of it. good thing he’s insane on the mic.