Yesterday, via his youtube account, Jay Electronica gave us another inside peek at his upcoming joint project with Decon. Above, is the Jason Goldwatch directed teaser for the visual project you've heard Jay and Just Blaze talk about the last few months (the project will come with an album). The clip looks to us like a teaser to the official trailer (which is coming soon) as set to the music of "Exhibit A." This is not a teaser for an official "Exhibit A" video although we heard that Jay Elect and Just shot their own video (directed by Just) for the song not long after they recorded the track. No information other than that, perhaps just for fun, they shot one. And so the intrigue continues. Meanwhile, we understand Goldwatch has currently begun the shooting of his next long form doc with Kid Cudi.


  • WHAT!

    smashes computer on ground, throughs camera out window, retires from the video game…..

  • juiceboxjackson

    shiiiiiiiiiit…this is gonna be amazing…

  • eazy

    film looks incredible – Jay Elec is dressed on some Indiana Jones shit!

  • Jericho Drumm

    This dude is ready…he’s READY!!!

  • Mishoo

    Makes me want to cop the album on tape, 2 x on vinyl and the cd for the car.