Today, Homeboy Sandman released his long awaited debut commercial LP, The Good Sun. Without bias, I can say this is one of the better hip-hop albums I've heard in quite some time – dude really has a style of his own. For those of us who live in NY, we're all very familiar with Boy Sand's guerilla style marketing techniques. Staying true to his roots, check out this vid of Sandman tagging up all of NY with his promo material (just saw these all over the 4 train yesterday). NYC: Come to SOBs tonight to celebrate Homeboy Sandman and Spec Boogie's (Introspective Boogie) album releases (flyer after the jump). Also, check out the OKP interview with Boy Sand dropping on the homepage tomorrow.


  • iSnitchoften

    you shouldn’t be recording yourself doin that shit in the subway. those adds are paid for by the people you are covering, be easy wit that shit.

  • wonluve

    what retail outlet can either of these be bought? Please let me know…

  • monroe solomon

    how old is he? not that it matters regarding talent, but i’m curious just the same.

  • Enobat

    Lovin this. Good stuff Homeboy.

  • eazy

    I cant believe people on this site are complaining that he’s covering up corporate advertisements.
    more power to him.