Last night, that legendary quartet out of the dirty South, Goodie Mob, were the musical guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. There's no question their debut album, Soul Food, is a quintessential piece in any hip-hop lovers collection, making it officially known to the rest of the nation that the South had something to say. Watch as they perform the title track from said album, with the help of The Roots to add some extra stank to it. Check after the jump for Jimmy slow jamming the news with The Roots.


  • Kryptik1

    Now that’s the FUNK!

  • cla

    pissed that they cancelled in SF.

  • naijaboy

    what is the Root’s version of “Soul food” based on?
    what is the Goodie Mob’s chorus a sample of or using elements of?
    Damn heard both somewhere but can’t place it.
    Please help!!

  • don kwon

    That second video is hilarious. Although, damn I hate Jimmy Falon.. dude can’t stop breaking ‘character’, he did it all the damn time on SNL.

  • littlebredren

    the roots instrumental of soul food is based on Brand Nubian’s “Brand Nubian” off of One For All, not sure what the original sample is though

  • littlebredren

    oh wait, the original sample is “Rigor Mortis” by Cameo

  • naijaboy

    ok ok, but what is that beginning piece from with the horns?
    The one that comes in as a bridge a few times?
    last one.
    Somebody out there on their crate digging game let me know

  • inquilab

    @naijaboy the beginning and bridge are from the bridge of rigor mortis by cameo

  • I believe

    That performance was dope yo!! Nice Job.

  • Achilles

    Saw them performing live a couple of days ago at B.B. King’s… Their energy is just beautiful! Glad to see them back together!

  • blumab

    that slow jam is funny as hek!

  • eazy

    incredibly, awesome, dope funky live version!!
    sounds better than ever

  • poindexterdj

    I always said that Outkast needed to make a live album. Now, I say the Goodie too; plus pick the roots as the band.

  • hacksaw3000

    poyser and knuckles are laughin at somethin.. cee-lo?

  • YeahhH

    Goodie and Roots, filthy combination!!!

  • There’s no question their debut album, Soul Food

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