An epic moment went down in Atlanta this past weekend as Goodie Mob reunited in concert (for the first time as a complete unit in a decade). Shameless Plug presented the 'Remember Atlanta' show, which featured Big Boi, Young Bloodz, Pator Troy,Sleepy Brown,DJ Kizzy Rock, DJ Jelly, and more taking to the stage. Many naysayers didn't think this moment could happen again after Cee-Lo's mainstream success with Gnarls Barkley, but Mr. Green always insisted that he'd reunite with his brothers in time. Check out MTV's recap of the show and watch some highlights above (more pics and vids here). Now if only a particular duo from The Dungeon Family would hurry up and get back in the studio together as well…


  • Nonpareil

    I wish I could’ve made it out to this show. I’ve been a Dungeon fan for as long as I can remember and I’ve never seen any of the members live. I hope they take this show on the road. God Bless This ReUnion!

  • jomac_

    extra Nice!

  • steadieroc

    I don’t recall ever graduating at all sometimes i feel im just a disappointment to to yall

  • Burknasty

    I was there, I flew in all the way from Denver, it was probably the tightest show I’ve ever been to, so it was really worth the money I spent.

  • ResurrectdaA

    Man, word cannot describe the magnitude of that show!!! First I heard (because I was running late) da boy Pastor Troy cranked dat bitch all da way up..then u had the youngbloodz come on and do dey thang (If u dnt give a damn, we dnt give a fuck!!! Hey!!!) but anyway, it was time for the main event..GOODIE MOB!!! It was raining subtely, the grounds were extra muddy, beautiful woman everywhere (AND DEY HAD TO BE SUPER BAD CUZ IT WAS RAININ AND YOU KNOW YOU CAN TELL IF A CHICK REAL BAD WHEN ITS RAININ LOL), all u can smell in the air was dat loud (and sum midget but its okay). THEN THEY CAME ON AND TOTALLY CHANGED MY FUCKN LIFE!!! I’ve been to alot of concerts (Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Cash Money, Snoop Dre, Pac, Big, T.I., Weezy, Jay, Jeezy, Kanye, and just about everyone else u can think of) BUT THIS WAS BY FAAAARRRR THE BEST SHOW I’VE EVER BEEN TO!!!! Ima a real A town nigga born and raised and lemme tell u sum..dnt nothin out today compare to da goodie mob…dem niggas is gods of da A!!! WE NEED YALL GOODIE..WE NEED U

  • Gangsta of Love

    “My mind won’t allow me to not be curious / My folk don’t understand, so they don’t take it serious”

    So Dope!!! I love these dudes!!!

  • zody06

    I was there that shit was dope, and after youngbloodz did they set they came through the crowd, and was dapping everybody down, and taking pics. that’s why i love the A cause our niggas be real, ain’t puttin’ on no airs, PT was dat nigga and MOB did they thang awesomely, but i was ecstatic when big boi came out at the end of dro in da wind, i was like ya’ll might as well start the tracklist over. haha!

  • Kev Bee

    Hands down, the best show I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve seen some great ones. I love the Goodie Mob. They have been one of my favorite groups since I first heard Soul Food during the fall of my freshman year in college. It was amazing to see these legends on stage again and to see the amount of love the people have for them. Love was in the air. People came down Atlanta from all over. I drove 6 hours from Durham myself. There was no disappointments whatsoever. Let me stop lying…Andre not being there to do his verse to Thought Process and Big Boi doing “In da Wind” and not “Dirty South” was a let down, but so what, GOODIE MOB WAS IN THE FUCKING BUILDING(outside)!!!!!

  • JoeBlix

    I first seen the goodie mob back in 1995 at a showcase. I knew they were already classic then!

  • Kani Saburi Ayubu

    How did I not hear about this show! And I’m in Atlanta for god’s sake…….like real frustrated right now..uhh – Kani Saburi Ayubu, The Black Art Depot (www.blackartdepot.com)

  • Brob

    It’s a damn shame that I didn’t hear about this. Dungeon Family Rocks!

  • washdc

    Can’t wait until they come to DC on Nov. 14!

  • washdc


    Tickets just went on sale today. Got mine!

  • maloqueroanonimo

    sou fã do goodie mob e acho bem loca essa reunião da formação original