On February 9th, the timeless Gil-Scott Heron will be releasing his first new album in 15 years (40 years since his first solo album), I'm New Here. Here is a video from the LP for, "Me and The Devil." As the title suggests this is a dark and dreary song. Probably not like the Gil you remember, but as always his music has a way of perfectly painting the world we're living in. Video directed by Coodie & Chike and Michael Sterling Eaton… this ish is amazing.


  • GameTheory420

    Gil Scott DOPENESS

  • Muzikmaniak

    GREATNESS is timeless! Another message from Gil…Deep!

  • nyle

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmn I’m going to see him this Sunday. I didn’t even know he was doing new shit! WooooOOOOhhhHHOOOOOOO!!!

  • spacecake77

    Oooooweeeee! loving this

  • Promeneur

    For some reason I like it !

  • Jahi

    i don’t know yet about this one but good to see Gil

  • cla

    awesome. always been a very unique singing voice.

  • Ugadaglop is Comin’

    this is weird ass a cover of robert johnson’s me and the devil blues~i love the spoken word at the end though, can’t wait to see what else gil’s got for his new album!

  • ignant_negro


  • ignant_negro

    this joint is so depressing! I feel like his spirit is broken. Lol. I still love it tho. Way different than the classics! I can really try see what he’s feeling. I really love the video! I think its really awesome. I’m really excited to hear the new album! Damn, Mr. Heron I’m taking notes. 🙂

  • Achilles

    His messages are always so deep! Makes u wanna move positive! Always a fan!

  • Mike Shousky

    classic I love Gil Scott. I used to hear him playing in the background of my childhood by my parents. When i grew older his message was so relevant I took the cd and from there I have been a fan.

  • ,,,

    is it me or was that track horribly mixed?

  • TheNine90z


    Check out the nine90z


    and look at the promotion video for the new mixtape coming soon “The Gold”


  • Kriswontwo

    timeless! still spittin the message, shouldn’t focus on anything else than what he is SAYING, dont get confused!

  • jdeez

    damn, his voice changed alot! and i don’t think it’s only because of the age! has been pretty fucked… but i love the classics, and hope he’s getting better und brings back that jazzfunk!



  • Taber

    The return!! Sounds good to me. I think this is an old Robert Johnson song which is super dope. Respect

  • the real oakley

    Its good to see living legends still giving it their all.

  • Christopher B.

    The poem at the end of the song is The Vulture. Gil Scott for those of you unaware, was following in Langston Hughes footsteps when he attended Lincoln (HBCU) and taught some college courses before being the first person signed to Clive Davis Arista Records. He did do some stuff on the Flying Dutchman. He wrote The Vulture a book of poems that came out after Small Talk at 125 and Lennox, the book. His voice is a bit rough but to overcome drug use (I performed with Reg E. Gaines back in the 90’s in San Diego when Reg E did the underground poets movie) and he signed a book for me that even said that the Revolution had been pretty “tough” on Gil. Anyway just thought I’d drop a bit of info. Oh, The Vulture was on Winter in America one of those rare lost records by Gil Scott. This is my first time hearing The Vulture read, it is a song on Winter in America.

  • RandyBayers

    I was really excited that he was gonna be playing at the New Orleans Jazz Fest this year, but now they took his name off the lineup…

  • Underground_Jinx

    fucking amazing forever timeless!!!

  • caliallday

    I LOVE you GIL-SCOTT~~~~I pray Brian is doing well. THANK you for “Poetic Justice” and the lifetime of “INTELLIGENT” LYRICS.

    asante sana

  • SB 2010

    Thank Godness he has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also, Check out myspace.com/naturalhabitz

  • Rosie1992

    LOVE IT!