Oh you thought Exile was just nice behind the MPC? Well check out your boy's directorial debut with this OKP premiere for his video "Were All In Power." This is the first official video off of Exile's album, Radio. To say this one is bugged out would be an understatement, with an album as abstract as Radio were you really expecting some regular ass video? Check it out we get a glimpse into the mind of Exile in this stop-motion madness.



  • thisisdantana

    glad i burned that clip down this morning

  • kenster

    that was differnt

  • restlove

    the sound and the look of this vidoe reminds me of herbie hancocok, for those that don’t know youtube it……

  • decoder


    Props to Dilla forever, for bringing us guys like exile and black milk

  • decoder

    also, where’s that dude calls himself ‘ray mega’?
    Say somethin’ now hater! punk…

  • Hiphop’s savior…

    Wow, SICK video… who else enjoyed the blonde haired doll doing the robot at the end?!?! LMAO…. sick sick video. Love it.

  • John Robinson

    This joint is ILL! Yo Ex it is about time u are getting ya just due. Shine ON EM’

    Next level vibes right here yall…this is what it is all about…taking the music to whole other boundaries! I look forward to the album.



  • Freshproduce

    Sickest Video ive seen in a minute!

    That track is rediculous! Cant wait for this Album!!!!!!

  • R3Q

    ex this video is illl


    Just watched this on my ps3 on my big tv WOW was sooooooo sick Exile is incredible

  • Reyn

    CRAZY this album gonna be DOPE


  • The Mrs.

    Fantabulous sr.
    Mrs. B

  • fery


  • AndrewVS

    Fucking amazing.

  • Fingerless Soundpilot

    Very impressive video and music…can´t waut to hear the rest

  • dza

    Echo Park Represent Represent. Los Angeles RADIO at its Finest. Exiles 1st Stop Animation Video is Really Cool. Props to Everyone involved Including Those speakers and Radios. haha

  • jazxxl

    WOW!! Great video. I can’t say that i would listen to that song without the video though.

  • scotty coats

    i grew up with exile and that dude deserves every bit of love that he gets. one of my favs and one of the hardest working dudes in music

    big up exile for president

  • Anthony Sterling

    This is what makes music still fun and fresh to me. I can’t wait to cop Radio!

  • dza

    EXILE RADIO out on ITUNES today!!!!!!! Damn!!!

  • GLK


  • king G

    Crazy track and Video!!!!!!!

  • B.Kyle

    … I see all the work put into THAT one. I have two words on it.. DAY and YUM.

    Good stuff, fam.

    Brian “B.Kyle” Atkins

  • 2infinity4ever

    that Shit was AMAZINGLY HOT