We've spoken before about how amazing it is to see Exile do his live MPC show. For those of you who have not seen it, Exile hit OKP with three exclusive videos where he flips some samples live on his MPC. This guy impresses me every time. Exile's new album, Radio, is droppin' on January 20th (his first album since Below The Heavens). I've heard it and it's serious – the album is 100% sampled from L.A. radio waves (hence the title). Above is a video he calls "Bounce," and after the jump  is "Watermelon Man" (Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters) and "Psych Rock."  If you are in NYC, make sure you catch Exile with Blu who will open for Talib Kweli's group Idle Waship (Kwe, Res + Graph Nobel) at B.B. Kings on Dec. 22nd.



  • Vader

    This some of the most illest beat-makin I ever seen.
    On the M-P-C…pads patched pristeen.
    Exile hold the style for a sound so clean.
    A pure Hulk on tha machine, compositions is mean.
    That “to tha core” hip-hop, a true lyricists dream.
    That “Boom-Bap! Run-it-Back! Rap Attack!” on tha scene.
    That dope smack to tha veins like the tracks on a fiend.
    We need that. It’s a fact. Keep doin’ ya thing!

    Big Up to Exile! Much Tribute!



  • mike loose

    Wow…ive never seen ish like that

  • jeffery muffinburger


  • cool mf

    OMG !!!! wow….. Exile is too sick…
    i aint ever seen anyone get busy on an mpc like that!
    This dude hands down my favorite producer right now!

  • 99th Ave

    RE: jeffery muffinburger

    How embarrassing, hopefully you weren’t in public.

  • sailor jerry

    Pure skillz

  • uni-u


  • PhillyLive215

    This shit is straight ridiculous!!!! Unreal. Mad skillz

  • Neon Don


  • John Robinson

    Yea yo! EX been Bananas on the MP! Good to see heads are finally Catch UP!



  • scooterbudooter

    i dont know why yall are feelin this so much. I thought it was pretty hard to listen to. I know dude can produce, loved his work on below the heavens, but this wasn’t hot.

  • Hiphop’s savior…

    Is it just me, or was that David Axelrod’s “The Edge” sample on the first video??? The top 8 pads I’m pretty positive are from “The Edge”… someone correct me if I’m wrong… ill sample flip!

  • WorldSpectacular

    The Psych Rock one is FIRE!!!dude who says its wack is hating. Get out the bedroom once in a while.

  • dj crossfader


  • djrubadub

    he iight.

  • palli

    pretty tight. hard to watch the whole thing through, gets a bit TOO choppy, like technoey. definitely cool tho. respect.

  • lea

    stop flippin the bird at us! hahaha
    that’s dope shit right there. good work Exile

  • Starks

    Exile…damn this is very very very dope! Dopeness Galore !! Respect man you inspired me!!

  • mike loose

    y a i may not wanna bump this in the ride but at a show im sure this would be ridiculous!!!!
    mos def ILLness!!!

  • DJ_Seith

    What happened to the videos?

  • Fingerless Soundpilot

    Damn I downloaded the “In Love” track and it´s off the hook..

  • someone

    Never really gave props to the AKAI until now…

  • Noise D
  • dj333

    I was about to say this cat is WAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!

    …until I saw the last video. That was aight!

    I would watch that again.

  • bunnyconlin

    The top one was little too experimental, the bottom one was bold. Brilliant. Just kills it, stright up and down from here to Chinatown.

  • Dza

    Pioneers of that shit. Its only trhe beginning. Its just advancing the artform. Dope.

  • Brian Tabalba

    That “Bounce” video isn’t working. But love the rest…can’t wait ’til Radop comes out.

  • Brian Tabalba

    The other 2 aren’t workin’ now

  • Hiphop’s savior…

    I have new found respect for that top video… after checkin’ it out a couple more times, I realized that the bottom 8 pads are samples from Zapp’s “Computer Love”… and the top 8 pads are definitely “The Edge” by David Axelrod…. SIIIICK blending of the 2 songs from 1:40 to 1:50

  • Sean-Toure’

    I saw Exile do the MPC freestyle thing at a show he and Blu did in Baltimore and I was totally blown away. Much respect to you man. You’ve got madd range with your production styles and great texture to your beats.


    Vishhhh!! pode cre. mpc akai real beatmaker.

  • MAlthe

    Haha, love his “next episode” snippey in the track

  • SuttonAdele

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