Directors take note, this is some highly creative shit on a shoe string budget. Watch as the contrast inverts between black and white while Evidence and Defari rock back and forth over this Ev beat.  The text trickery progresses throughout so be sure to watch through the end! This is the fourth video to hit the net from Ev's upcoming EP/DVD The Layover, dropping next week on November 25th.  Check out the first three below, and stay tuned for the final video to debut on street date.  Don't hate.


• Video: Evidence "The Layover" (World Premiere)
• Video: Evidence "The Far Left" feat. The Alchemist & Fashawn
• Video: Evidence & Alchemist "So Fresh"


  • manoman

    o wow thats a hot song and vid

  • Kule

    that shit is DOPE !

  • P1

    sick track and video!

  • eazy

    cleverrrrr. simple, but damn smart video.

  • Kalo de 78

    the best one so far. damn, ev’s a beast

  • gabegaloshes

    Yes, I love it. Better than the track from the free mixtape. Why hasn’t Defari ever gotten the respect he truly deserves? These two need to make an album together.
    And throw Tash on there for good measure…

  • dj R-DEE

    I SECOND WHAT gabegaloshes SAYS!!!

    I like what they did with the layered graphics with the second video inside of it and behind the graphics.

    They did their thang on this one.


  • RaAkhenaton

    Eyes open, people! You might want to use some earplugs from a construction site when you rock this new one in your ride–if your subs are proper, that is!

    The flip effects and the lettering trick: as Murs would say, “SWEET LORD!”

  • DJ H8