Last night, Erykah Badu kicked off a run of TV appearances with a stop off on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Erykah performed her infectious single "Window Seat," appropriately with The Roots, as it was co-produced by Badu and some key Soulquarians (?uestlove on the drums, James Poyser on the keys). In the coming weeks E has scheduled televised appearances on The Wendy Williams Show (3/25), Good Day New York (3/26), Jimmy Kimmel Live (3/30), The Wanda Sykes Show (4/3), Chelsea Lately (4/5), and The Mo'Nique Show (TBA). New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh will be out March 30th.

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  • dapluva!

    she got a nice little poot box back there don’a?!!!

  • Jahi

    beautiful.. and her sister made me have to do a double take because they look alike. ms. badu keeps getting sexier and deeper.

  • whocares

    nice groove…but sorry i was a bit distracted……somebody’s getting thick in all the right places….mymymy…

  • phantomfox

    congrats E!!

    good work and thanks for sharing your talents.


  • DiViNCi of SoS

    HA! these comments…

  • Kriswontwo

    i was just saying….

  • KD06

    perfect live song…

  • Kris.

    Yall is CRA-ZY. Anyway the pum pum shots over the leggings and the chinstrap threw me for a loop de loop but if she had did anything less it wouldnt be her. My dream concert right now is ERYKAH f/ Keke wyatt and Fannie.

  • von duch

    good job ms. badu. and yes you sho is fine. can’t wait to get the album. 2010 will be a great year for good music!

  • okayRyan

    very cool

  • PhillyROOTed

    nice song and performance despite the distraction…I see you Ms badu aka “E”yonce!!!!

  • HipHopHead1

    I need this album now!!! So refreshing…

  • rcd2

    beautiful, full e badu, but wanted more mix with the roots too.

  • whats his name

    jeyelec still hittin that? lol… wonder how com’ feel in “retrospect” looking at that voluptuous “light” lol…

  • quest got the best view

    d’love to change seats with him…


    Gorgeous!! Shout out to James P

  • El Rob

    Word, Ms. E is thickandproper. No doubt, her sister is also very beautiful!

  • HexaGonz

    I spy…

    …an okayplayer in the audience!

  • electric.gangstarr

    I was behind the band, holy shit those three bottoms were mesmerizing.

    Dope performance, and ?uest gave me his sticks.

  • moctezumah

    i just wanna know how can mr. quest can keep time on the drums when he’s sittin right behind nice n round Erikahhhhhh, my J. she’s only getting better like wine… musically and….

  • dapluva!

    yes miss badu your Poot-Box is looking rather round i must say

  • Breezy

    You guys are crazy ..

  • watitdone

    lol at the comments. performance itself was a bliss

  • showyaright

    shes looking quite healthy. God bless her thighs and everything else

  • dapluva!

    praise her pootbox

  • Mr Artistik

    yeah to comment on the poot box… Ms Badu has had that Poot Box since last year when i saw here in Miami at “The Jazz in the Gardens”… Its been a year since and im sure its still healthy… but im excited for her new music as always, and cant wait to see her next month down here again… OKP


    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!


  • Maestro

    Brother B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Desmondo

    Cool song – Ms Badu looks fab and ?uesto is playing my kit (well it looks the same but mine is in the UK) – can’t wait for the album

  • Ozzbizzy

    …Yes I Must Agree …Her Sacromilliack was jive applelilious

  • VeloBoogie

    Man Oh man!!!! Where did all that come from? LOL @ Whats His Name’s comment, after Com saw this he must really be shakin his head saying “I used to Love HER” over and over to himself

  • VeloBoogie

    Oh yeah and Regina King was also lookin niiiiice herself

  • El Rob

    She looks like those “Booty Babes” dolls. Very hot. Can I get a “POOOT BOOOOX”!!!!!

  • Yep

    Weren’t Erykah Bdu and Questlovesaying Neo Soul s Dead? Well I’m happy it’s back even with pink underwear, I mean overwear. 🙂

  • Bro1555

    Digging the song and who knew that Ms. Badu was working with all that. She’s gotten thick in all the right places.

  • reeree

    the comments…poot box??? Men, what are you gonna do?! Besides that, loooved it. Pure music.

  • Badu Lover

    A Haiku for Badu:

    Jay Elec, Got damn.
    I now see exhibit c.
    D, E, F, and G.

  • danny b.


  • Sabree

    Serena who? HAHAHAHA…

  • Jsoul aka The Black Sinatra

    I wish i had 2 more hand so i could give this 4 thumbs up!!

  • Belle Boussole

    My word, does she sound great. And I love how clear ?uestlove’s hi-hat is in the mix. Fantastic!

  • PrettyNFoXLaDe

    Absolutely wonderful..the only reason I am here is because in 2008 Ms.Badu told some of you off about her having more kids..lol.lol..whoo! I back her up 100% on her statement. That(on SoulTrain 2010) was an xquisite performance and her style..I mean WOW! Okay enough fan talk.
    Ms.Badu came here to Cincinnati couple years ago and sure enough she brought out her baby boy by Andre3000..What a mother I could not believe it..that’s beautiful! ~Okay I am done now~
    **Thank you Mrs.Badu for bringing true talent to the industry,not some dusty copy cat auto tune vocal killa!

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