Brand new video for "Window Seat" directed by Erykah Badu, Coodie and Chike.  The words in blue paint at the end read 'Groupthink'.  New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh is in stores NOW.  Order it NOW from iTunes or from Amazon .  This song was produced by the Soulquarians.


  • LolaBear

    you mean part 2.

  • Brooklynfluenza

    I love myself some Erykah. Pt II seems to be back on track, from what I’ve heard so far off the album. Interesting video. I’m feeling the fact that she avoided performing any vocals. Where did that thickness come from though? Mississippi Hot Damn! Bonus.

  • mindself

    one take? this is too dope.

  • Dansull123

    Love the social commentary spoken word at the end

  • FearlessSkyy

    … in thought. Thank You. Erykah BaaadUUU!

  • DjNez

    Love it…

  • poindexterdj

    I luv the video and song and of course ebadu as well. I usually don’t follow art too well. Shit is too abstract or boring, but I totally got a great interpretation of what she was expressing in the vidoe. Long live Badu and I’m praying she does a concernt in SoCal soon.

  • exile

    fuckin classic

  • cthru333

    reminiscent of alanis morissette’s “thank u” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUmQXnBPeb0)…liberation in all forms excels!

  • Writing Addict

    I have always believed in E Badu’s vision, I appreciate her rawness, energy, and honesty. It feels good knowing she is giving us her all without the damn fluff so common is “pseudo-music” today!

  • ScienZe

    Amazing video.

  • Oluy3mi

    Naked Protest! A very effective tool used for generations by strong women all over the world. Nicely done Mz.Badu.

  • Dunk7

    Video is beautiful, so is the body. Dayum.

  • TRUE-One

    damn.. Badu is all i have to say.

  • cocoboogie

    @lolabear II is 2 in Roman numerals, mama. often when we attempt to correct others, we are the ones who need correcting. not intended to disrespect or offend, just thought it might be useful for you in the future. peace and blessings.

  • Soulbrotha91

    Aside staring at Erykah Baud’s beautiful body, the fact that it said “Evolving” tatooed on her back really spoke a large message lol.

  • LeeMarvin

    Knowing Erykah is from Dallas I didn’t realize exactly where she was until she turned the corner and walked into the plaza…..Dealey Plaza to be exact……she gets capped in the end of the video right next to the same spot where JFK got killed…..the X on the road marks the spot of the fatal head shot…….crazy how she worked that in…amazing conceptual video

  • redefineself


  • spacecake

    This video, and this song are ones to cherish forever. can’t wait to play this for my kids (when they get old enough lol)

  • FrigidMar

    The reaction on the faces of the passing pedestrians is priceless. Amazing concept with a fearless approach. These kind of concepts is exactly what the game lacks. I commend on her on pushing the envelope!

    LeeMarvin thank you for the footnote. I would’ve never caught that in a million years.

  • GameTheory4:20


  • 937andheartbreak

    Damn, this was deep.

  • the ego

    Love the song (very refreshing and beautiful)!

  • LeeMarvin

    …..another side note….she pulled up in the ’63 Lincoln Continental…..another reference to JFK….its the same model as the one that he got shot in….which is now sitting in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn just outside of Detroit

  • dcnydc

    this was deep!!!!

  • momomo

    She’s been reading George Orwell for sure.

  • Felandus-da-Artist

    Does the Soulquarians production credit mean that this is Jay Dee co-production?


    This video bought tears to my eyes…I am speechless.


    Brooklynfluenza…she got 3 kids. That’ll do it to ya. She’s beautiful

  • SenSagius

    I love the honesty of the the video…

  • damn

    didja c dat azz???

  • James Klynn

    She is everything that a woman should be in my eyes

  • EmilyPDX

    This link is bad.

  • PhillyROOTed

    Love that “out of the box” thinking, great video!!!!! Oh yeah, I see you Ms. Ba”donk”!!!!!

  • bdisciple2

    lovin it ..oh yess n this album is amazing

  • eazy

    did she turn into Rick James at the end?
    just kidding..

    cool video – definitely added another layer with the whole JFK reference.. beautiful body too

  • e_dub

    Impressive. Done in one take…the people had no clue what they were about to see. You’d think someone would’ve snapped a pic with their camera phone.

  • ParkDawgSr

    The woman is om her own level, always has been. Dopeness personified….and that azz…..Whoa! Luv me some E!!!!

  • ParkDawgSr

    Dayum!!!!!!! Just had 2 get 1 mo’ in!!!!

  • Hassan Olu

    Man, I promise, I was listening at the end…I promise! I was listening real real hard…real hard, you understand me? Sweating bullets! But man, damn…man…(just shaking my head)…I think I just cheated on my girl…

  • dapluva!

    it was only a matter of time before she got naked fine lil mama but i see the big picture remember yall she is selling you guys a lifestyle don’t be too hooked its all about duality remember double meanings jill got naked too musically erykah is dope but remember as artists they are selling a part of themselves no hate before yall say i’m hatin i like her music but peep the mathematics

  • Shaun P

    They’ve assassinated the individual, marginalized creative thinkers and artists; handpicking our leaders and making decisions on whats most important to us. They decide whats aired on T.V and played on the radio, they decide whats news and how it should be reported. Her message, although unclear at first, is subtle but powerful. This vid will keep heads talking.. On another note, E Badu is banging! Peace.

  • JesusFromMelbourne

    It’s a concept Video that is more aligned with social themes she explored in New Amerykah Pt 1 but with music from the second installment. Love the disconnect. It’s very now, don’t you think?

  • BLaKscoTT


  • danny b.


  • faruk

    i got a shok, even thoug its nothing new and been done before, as she ststes in the begining thats its influencd by kim, still theres a great message in it, but it dont match the soul music, i love this song to bits, but the video aint got shit to do with the song or lyrics. im disapointed , but still interestiing tho , unesxpected

  • KD06

    very artistic but there is now way I’m letting the Mrs. dude a nude video….

  • FalseHypeMachine

    This Video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.


    Too bad your big brother had to pull the plug.

  • thearckitect

    DAMN……….. that’s all I can say….. I diggin dem flapjackes!!!…

  • Kalo de 78

    jay e is one lucky fellow.

  • jessiethe3rd

    Chills up and down my spine. DO the DAMN THING Erykah!

  • Yep

    The message is in the Red District

  • mong

    i can’t watch the video in my country. like all the new clips on youtube because of copyrights.


  • Johnson S

    Return of the ankh all right. The ankh is an occult sign of fertility and is used to invoke feelings of lust. Badu’s milkshake sure stirred up some lust in me. This ain’t art, this is skillful marketing.

  • B. Yousea

    The symbol ankh is prophetic, sacred. It signifies the relationship between humans and the waters of life. It is encouragement from the ancients respect light and to uprise.

    The video is incredible. Erykah would be pressed to become more beautiful than she is currently.

  • Kalo de 78

    how come youtube hasn’t censored matt & kim’s video? amerikkka strikes again, if you ask me…

  • Hiphoproots

    I love you too Badu!!!

  • marticus

    and the video’s taken down 🙁

  • A Foreign Collective

    Simply amazing video. I will have the new album on repeat for the next few weeks.


  • Livinhiztori

    Ayo just a beautiful message and did anyone know that she was built like that damn damn she is coming back in to the game hard for real
    love it

  • dapluva!

    yall gonna get enough for believing entertainers bullshit they are selling you a lifestyle man yall drink too much kool aid

  • Jericho Drumm

    I’ve watched this video a few times and I’ve peeped the comments of the OKP collective. So after giving this some serious thought, I’ll add my two cents…I don’t get it.

    I’m definitely feeling the song, no question, but this video “ain’t hitting on shit.” Yes, Erykah’s a goddess, no doubt, but what was the point, really? Was she being provocative, just for the sake of being “provocative?”

    The video’s receiving a ton of press and I’m sure she’ll be nominated for a few awards (BET Awards/MTV-Video Music Award/Soul Train Award/Essence Award); but still, I don’t get it.

  • lisa vernon

    what a great message!! the music swirls around the lyrics like cotton candy around the paper cone…love it!

  • 1 and Only

    Seems like a desperate attempt to cause a stir.
    Such a great message, but all that ass makes it hard to focus on the message. Eh.
    But, I’m only one man.

  • Lame

    OMG so deep!!

    Just kidding, it reeks of desperation and sensationalism. anything to get your name in the news and sell some albums i guess.

    How come when i walk down the street with my dick hanging out and kids around i go to jail?

  • freedumb

    Erykah Badu rocks for this

    lets get free!

  • J_J

    Okay, this would have been an okay video if she wasnt getting naked around children that was kinda sick. Please don’t compare this to Alanis’ video bc she was only naked around adults that could understand the meaning behind the song. I hope she does get brought up on Indecent Exposure Charges maybe she can walk around naked infront of her children in her home but not around America’s children. She is bringing hatred to her sex and her race by dumbing down and objectifying JFK’s Assasination. You honestly know if a White person was to go running around naked outside of the jail where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for so long or running around naked where Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated that African American’s would be beside themselves and thinking that white people are dumb and inconsiderate. I do not believe tradgedy is in a race format but she doesn’t need to be so disrespectful. All of the Men I have listed above did not deserve what they recieved. They were Great People that wanted to think outside of the box and help people. So why blasphemy their names by doing something inconsiderate like this.

  • Jaime Warbuck

    this is SICK! Dallas county DA’s office should press charges of public nudity. There were children and familys all around, totally SICK. This video is not in good taste or even art. It’s pornographic. Hey girl if ya wanna do porn then do porn and respect our laws. All you you people who supports this crap have suct a esoteric view that it’s a shame that you are allowed to live in America. You are morally banktrupt and a bunch of dumbass low class morons. This is another example of why Christians should stand up and fight for our nation’s values. Let’s kick this trash to the curb.

  • Jericho Drumm

    @ Jaime Warbuck

    While you’re definitely entitled to your opinion, please spare us with your “Christian” malarkey. If you want to save the country and or the world, why don’t start by doing a little internal house-cleaning. There are several Catholic priest who definitely need to hear what you have to say.

  • Ham

    @ Jericho Drumm

    RevolutionaryINK stated this on his Youtube page and i think he really hit the meaning behind the video.

    The sister is shedding her superficial layers. Exposing herself to the world. Facilitating her own evolution. She is assassinated at the end only to raise again in her EVOLVED STATE.

    “This is also a reference to the John F. Kennedy assassination.

    Erykah falls at the same spot, where JFK was shot, except it’s on the sidewalk.

    When the camera turns after she’s down, you can see the the “X’ on the street. That “X” markes where Kennedy was shot in the car.

    Reference also goes for the title “Window Seat”, the video intro and the “Group think” speculations about the assassination.

    Groupthink is a type of thought exhibited by group members who try to minimize conflict and reach consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas. Individual creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking are lost in the pursuit of group cohesiveness, as are the advantages of reasonable balance in choice and thought that might normally be obtained by making decisions as a group. During groupthink, members of the group avoid promoting viewpoints outside the comfort zone of consensus thinking. A variety of motives for this may exist such as a desire to avoid being seen as foolish, or a desire to avoid embarrassing or angering other members of the group. Groupthink may cause groups to make hasty, irrational decisions, where individual doubts are set aside, for fear of upsetting the groups balance. The term is frequently used pejoratively, with hindsight.

  • Skinny Larry

    You are missing the point… this song sucks. FAIL!

  • Observer2

    Well the song sux and she sure isn’t a ravishing beauty by any stretch. Just a crummy strip show. And they didn’t need to digitize it. All she has is little teats and a bubble-butt azz. I’ve seen sexier females in the monkey house at the zoo.

  • Oddity

    I cant believe people would consider this pornographic. We should think war is pornographic or the mass media’s propaganda pornographic. How about the CIA’s cover up of JFK’s assassination or they’re involvement in drug trafficking. How about the prison industrial complex. Damn, we need to educate ourselves on groupthink.. Personally i think there is a difference between being nude on camera and getting gang banged on camera, but thats my opinion and we should all have a right to that. Big ups to Erykah Badu for sparking a debate.

  • JusMe

    Youtube may have taken the video down, but it´s still around: http://www.forbezdvd.com/cod.php?v=MTE0NDY

  • .:Stillmatic:.

    dope song…and definitely a ill message behind it…why would badu get naked for the sake of being naked??? come on peoples….get the fuk out of here with your ignorant and racist ass comments….she is beautiful and her music is beautiful…but damn damn damn damn…her body is beautiful too!!!

  • BrothersR

    Too much ignorance surrounding this video and the BBC (British Broardcasting corporation) with its supposed high standards/status lable the scene as ‘a walking striptease’. Please, call yourself journalists.

    And she’s been charged, what next…..

  • Solo383

    Why folk tripping about kids seeing a naked lady? Shit their are worser things they are exposed too. I thought the video was dope. Then I read how someone broke it down with the whole JFK assassination.

    I was already geeked when I saw the text in the video “inspired by Matt & Kim”, check out their Lessons Learned video. Its cool, but not as deep as Ms. Badu’s video!!!

    Those that are bitching are the ones not evolving. Shift, Evolve, one.

  • FrenchCancan

    Erykah your last album is crazy!!!!!! I Love It… and i love you!!!!!

    More Thanks.

    Big up from France!!!!!

  • UUGR3

    Thank you for another dope hammer drop for the ears. Ms. Badu your a “KEG of PURE WIN”!


  • UUGR3

    (so nice hadta comment twice)
    ALBUM of the YEAR. For real…no for real real! 🙂


  • Toro

    You go Erykah !! Y0! E. gotta a fat ass !! and yeah great message for the neo-soul types wanting Erykah to go back to that shit .. not me i like the new raw shit

  • ObligatoryOblivion

    I love how she has “Inspired by Matt and Kim” in there. It makes you pay attention to how differently the artists are treated.

  • Main-One

    I have to admit that the thought of seeing Erykah Badu naked I had lustful thoughts but the end results is me being inspired.

    Thank you Ms. Badu!!!

  • vico
  • vicovvvv
  • Yesm

    Birds eye. All the kings horses and all the kings men…and all the whips and chains..and crosses…cant keep the African from seeping to the top….You are what you eat. If you eat a bunch of Africans you will become such…what are you evolving into?

  • kko

    Hated it!!!!!!

  • kennyken

    that’s one fine sista. i hope i meet her some day!

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  • 2147483647

    this is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i agree you????????????????

  • Vas Erykah! Y0! E. tengo el culo gordo! y sí gran mensaje para los tipos de neo-soul Erykah que quieren volver a esa mierda .. No me gusta la mierda prima nueva