Just four more days until we can all take a trip to New Amerykah. For now, get on board Amerykah Airlines for Badu's latest performance of "Window Seat" live on The Wendy Williams Show. You can pre-order your copy of New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh now.


  • johnjay

    rick james bitch…..

  • Shamz



  • spacecake

    lol fair comment

  • Jahi

    sweet and smooth

  • KD06

    I though the same thing…”Cocaine is a hell of a drug”

  • D. HOGG

    i thought the other one she did on jimmy fallon was better, but she did have the roots behind her. no diss to the band there. everything just seems better with the roots. or maybe its the fact that i cant stand wendy williams. still buying 3 copies so it dont matter.

  • s.g.


  • kendal good

    she mangled the hell out of those lyrics.

  • brawta 2

    the performance was lackluster…but she still mesmerizes..i’m sure she wasn’t delighted to see WW..

  • hisstology.com

    Those drums sound better than the studio version

  • Pastanous

    when will wendy williams go the way of her original nose (disappear)?

    erykah NOT at her best is still music to me.