Last night in L.A. a secret show/album release party went down at El Rey in honor of Erykah Badu's latest release, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh. The Q Side was on hand to capture some of the highlights of the evening. Watch Ms. Badu do it all, from performing album cuts, scatting, and even making beats live on the MPC. If somehow you haven't done so yet, go get New Amerykah Part Two!


  • JAHI

    Ms Badu we will always love you because you bring it every time

  • Maccabis

    Have she ever got best profromance? Hmmm.

  • gunner4ever

    i saw her new video. she is fucking hot.wish i could get in that fucking ass and suck her pussy. erykah is hot

  • youngyak

    @gunner4ever…calm down son ….she is sexy but keep it PG it wasnt porn… its art

  • the masterblaster

    Seen the new video Window Seat all i got to say is Giggidy,Giggidy,Giggidy, Gooh! Gooh! Gooh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gunner4ever

    youngyak ……art my ass

  • jesse david

    lol @ gunner. i can’t wait to hear the new album. i love erykah.