This past Friday, soul singer Eric Roberson released his brand new video "Still." The song appeared on his last release, Music Fan First. The video may have your eyes watering up at the end so be prepared. Video directed by Chris & Blaq.


  • Spec-one

    While I’m a big Erro fan, I’m not the biggest fan of this song. But the video is heartgripping and overshadows the song itself.

  • Hassan Olu

    Yo, I “STILL” shed a tear…

  • Jericho Drumm

    Whoa; that was heavy.

  • Uhurube

    Man, that was powerful.

  • Sincere T. Poet

    Being an Erro fan since his baby steps as an artist, I’ve always imagined doing videos to many of his songs. BUT this was nothing like I envisioned but EVERYTHING that I needed. It was powerful, moving, and refreshing! Such a great spin on the track!

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