The other day, you got an inside peak of the kickoff of Current TV's Embedded series. In case you missed its' premiere, here is the full 48 minute Embedded episode featuring Mos Def. Mos takes us on an all access 7 day tour of Japan, performs songs off of The Ecstatic in Tokyo and Osaka, hits the fashion district, attends a sumo match, and more. Watch all that as well as Mighty Mos' insight on a range of topics in the clip above.



  • Free Defy

    Watched it on Current twice. Mos Def ceases to amaze me.

  • Mr Anderson

    ceases? unimpressed with Mos?

  • El Duderino

    How dope would a Mos Def, MF DOOM collaboration be?

  • Sketch tha cataclysm

    Now I want to go to Japan.

  • bullshit determination

    this is wonderful

  • STZA

    mos is so funny with those mos burgers 😀

  • Something 2 Say

    I loved watching this, excellent documentary. Mos is always hilarious and provided great insight. I think Mos Burger might being coming to the states now LOL.

  • Free Defy

    I meant he “never” ceases to amaze me

  • Xception


  • Skooter

    One of a kind. Mos is immortal and will always be one of the key role players of hip-hop now and forever.
    Thank god for hip-hip.
    Thank god for Mos Def.

  • Kalo de 78

    this documentary was crazy.

  • Atheist

    Great show Mos Def is amazing with his performance. Though he has no clue how science works at all.

  • dsolo

    thank you Mos for canceling Canada!

  • Travels

    i’ve been feeling this album, so dope to get a deeper look into the mos the artist. He’s blowing up the bay right now, he’s playing in sf tomorrow for like the 5th time in 10 days, he just keeps announcing another show, at another venue… it’s dope. bringing it fresh everytime. check out the dead prez show at 1015 folsom in sf too, on nov 15th

  • Travels

    give thx, check out the spot on current tv where he talks blackstar reunion

  • imjms737

    I live in Tokyo, and Mos’ interpretation of the Japanese culture gave me a whole new perspective on the parts of Japan I took for granted while living here.

    And of course, he is a dope artist.
    Big ups.