As we continue to celebrate the life of J Dilla on this the 4th anniversary of his untimely passing, we bring you another gem in his honor. As if it needs saying, Dilla's imprint in the music game is still as strong as ever four years later. In celebration of his life, today we get another clip from the upcoming Timeless DVD release, The Suite for Ma Dukes. In this latest piece we witness Miguel Atwood-Ferguson's arrangement of Dwele's "Angel" backed by the Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra. Here's a quote from Mochilla's own B+, who shot some of Dilla's most memorable photos: "Today is the fourth anniversary of Dilla's untimely passing. People are celebrating his life all month long. At Mochilla, we have spent the past year working on A Suite for Ma Dukes. Until now we have held our cards close to our chest releasing videos and entirely instrumental pieces. But today in homage to the man responsible for all this we are releasing, just to you, the first vocal performance from Suite for Ma Dukes…. Dwele sang Angel that night without rehearsal. It is a classic. Miguels's arrangement is super heavy and Bob Power made it magic."


  • LifHEis

    Awesome…nothing is better than a full orchestra

  • Test Pattern

    I’m a free download’n bootleggn’ champ but I’m actually saving my loot to make this purchase. Inspiring work by all involved with this project. What’s next?!?!

  • B.Major

    …Where’s the vid…? Don’t think it’s working for me…

  • pfeif diggy

    Lovin’ Kareem on the drums!

  • stickyblui

    incredible. music typically played by orchestra’s are for those “bourgeois-high society-fine art” type of poeple…you know…classical type stuff…BUT for Atwood-Ferugson to come up with the idea of playing Dills’s stuff through this type of medium is incredible. this shows sssoooo much respect to his music and literally puts it on pedestal for the whole world to see it as an “intellectual piece of art”….R.I.P. Dilla…good music still lives on!!

  • Desmondo

    Just love the funky violinist

  • decoder

    Bob Power you there?