Awhile back we gave you a fly remix of Donwill's song "Love Junkie" featuring The Park and Wallpaper. Now, courtesy of Yours Tru.ly, we get a live in-studio video of the song from Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. Donwill's LP, Don Cusack In High Fidelity is in stores now.


  • tays

    loving the yourstru.ly series. and loving love junkie. nice work

  • Cauzneffekt

    Wow..these dudes are not f!ckin around

  • Lron

    saw them at the park’s wednesday night sessions at mojito a few weeks ago. feeling it

  • Jon writ.r

    I’m Loving this..

  • Mirth

    wallpaper killed that hook!!

  • Young Bone

    epic’ness at it’s finest….

  • William Payne

    YoursTruly is killing it lately

  • $2aDnut

    Lovin’ this camp, dope stuff all across the board!

  • cRit

    “a well done fling is a beautiful thing!”

  • mister posibul

    keep an eye out for them park boys. they’re doing their thing!

  • Shaya

    Tight shit.

  • J. Fish

    Them Park boys!!!

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