Camp Lo refuses to remove themselves from your radar, and from the look of things they have plenty of big moves set up for '09. Today we have their video (dir. Court Dunn) for "On Smash/'89 of Crime" feat. Styles P. Stone and Rob: Caught On Tape is in stores now.


  • dapluva

    ill shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy days era

    simply so fresh great song

  • Ejack1906

    I came acrose these dudes that call themselves The Spitzwell Brotherz. Maaaan, they just released a dope mixtape called The Premium Blend. Check em out at myspace.com/thespitzwellbrotherz

    This mix does NOT disappoint.

  • mi$ter iLL

    wow i havent really been feeling the lo for a while but this is hot

  • CriticalBEATdown

    This Court Dunn dude has been putting up zeroes with his videos.

  • B Disciple

    feelin it no doubt but wasn’t pete rock involved in one of the verses originaly wat happened with that?’

  • Slick Ant

    Camp Lo sounds different now. Especially Sonny Cheeba. The song is hot and Uptown Saturday Night is a sure shot classic in my opinion. Good ish!

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  • ekto

    Jesus Christ, this is hot! All of them killed their verses (never thought Pete Rock could rhyme like that)! Vid is pretty cool too.

  • Mike Shousky

    Where the hell is Pete Rock? Someone said Pete Rock!

  • Delgodo

    Apple Juice Kid did his thing with this track. The Lo never seems to disappoint.


  • hayabusa

    Pete Rock in on ONsmash, but just isn’t in the video…dunno why. Prolly time to fit on the other song.

  • T Man Atlanta,GA

    That shit is crazy….A breathe of fresh air for me. Can’t wait on the album….