2DB dug up this video for Blu's song "Amnesia," over this past weekend. Blu isn't in the actual vid, but he confirmed via his twitter that it is the official clip. I don't know how this joint has been chillin' on youtube undetected since August. "Amnesia" appeared on Blu's tape, HerFavoriteColo(u)r., which dropped last year. The 2nd verse easily contains some of the best bars I heard in all of '09.



  • Godzilla_Nuts

    Agreed… the 2nd verse might be my favorite Blu verse yet..

  • Thanks…

    The images are from the movie “Elevator to the Gallows”. A french film that MILES DAVIS did the score for. If you don’t know…

  • kidtruth

    cut at the end is a remix of “You and whose army” by radiohead. Anyway great track. as naive as the brown leaves looking up past the green trees at the blue sky asking why me. indeed.

  • djrubadub

    shit dope…

  • MAALG@216

    This is one of my favorite Blu tracks!!!!

  • ignant_negro

    BLU you need to release a better version of the godleebarnes mixtape the quality was trash! i couldn’t appreciate the music

  • don kwon

    If this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is. B L U .. the truth.

  • splashgordon

    easily one of the most talented emcees breathing

  • Underground_Jinx

    shits dope nice sample billie holiday is nice blu did a good job on da beat word wish the down load was still active

  • Speak Williams

    Yeah…authentic and creative, dope lyrics dope melody and vibe…keep doing ya thing

  • Izak

    blu is one of THE top rappers

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