The winner of the last edition of "A Trip To The Underground" (I promise the next one is coming soon) was Cali emcee Bambu with his song "Iron Bam." As promised he will be getting more coverage on the site starting with the premiere of his new video, "Crooks & Rooks" (Dir. By Patricio Ginelsa). The song is off of Bam's new album …Exact Change…(in stores now).



  • Phase Time

    love it. i got a chance to see the long-version and its even better!!!!!

  • GuerillaBusfare

    Finally, a piece of West Coast lifestyle that always existed but rarely documented.

    Great job, OkayPlayer!

  • Dru Weezy

    Bam cd is dope…. cop it!!

  • B-Talent

    Great artist/great video.
    West Coast all day!

  • J. Evan

    West Coast Lives!!!!!!!!!

  • invinc

    good shit bam!!!! lookin forward to the album 🙂

  • kuttin kandi

    finally a good brother doin good music, reppin real music, real life, real people…..



  • Stuey P. Newton

    Keep keepin on!

  • fightshark

    hella dope song…hella dope video…hella dope album. peep it “exact change”. positive young brother trying to make a difference with some great music…listen hard to the lyrics

  • blublah

    this was nice. coool video, rigtheous lyrics. im diggin how the new skool of west coast emcees really bridges the backpack and g-funk sounds of the past: you hear NWA, Dre, J5 and Dilated all compressed into one sound in the NUWest.

  • Saratoga

    “i do most of my reflection in the rear view mirror but im blind”

    EXACT CHANGE.. yall stop walking around with pennies in your pockets


  • red field up

    DOPE VIDEO! A dynamic and clever visual representation of the artist’s take on life progression.

    “…I stay pushin’ forward, never movin’ in reverse…”

    Would love to see more of Bambu on the site! Thanks, Okayplayer!

  • dove 16

    As always, good work from Kid Hereos and Xylophone Films!

  • nomi

    that video’s official. keep representing.

  • PEPsilog

    uhm…who is that lil boy wid the duck tail, lil bam is it? daym they ain’t make no 14 yr olds when i was 14, daym i wish i could be 14 again…oops my bad i think that was E’s line lol…anyhoe good job bam, even if i ain’t get no cameo in this video, i guess its still coo…lol cya soon.

  • stuter


  • tadillac

    okayplayer needs more artists like bambu!

    keep reppin’ hard for the community brotha!!!

  • jollene

    props to bam …. & to okayplayer for highlighting quality/politikal music

  • Nadia

    One of my favorite cuts off the new record

  • A-Lau

    dope! gimmie more!!

  • akim vox merger

    a true pioneer!

  • Peter Graham


  • Carleazy

    always great to see good things happening to good people.

  • Fahniks

    Daaamn! For those of you who don’t know, THIS is true hip hop! Love it BAM!

  • Ga

    Duck Tails wooooooooo he took it bac!!!!!!!!

  • Prometheus Brown (geologic)

    That’s my dude right there. Cop that Exact Change.

  • sole_love

    good ass song good as lyrics good ass emcee that’s what west coast peoples is made of this dude is a good positive emcee that’s doing positive things and its good to hear real shit unlike all the commercial hip pop that’s on now a days good work Bambu! P.s got that aalbum is pretty good liking it keep it B!

  • joshua weitz

    Bravo Bambu! The song bump. But the video has an ill cinematic feel 2 it also. Almost feel like there should be a sequel to it to see what happens after that clairvoyant moment you have at the end. What is that a 69 Cutty drop you pushin? Siiiiiick.

  • libREY

    love the video. keep ’em comin.


  • Ustolemymarbles

    FUCKS YEAH! Pure heat. Exact Change

  • mr.milin

    automatic classic.

  • jay (wtf with the “name registered already” shiet?)

    good to see you getting play on okayplayer lettin the world know ya LA story mayne.

    really feelin the lp as usual too homie. one of the most consistent and talented cats in the game to me, keep buildin.


  • yaotzu

    dope video for a dope song. Biggups on a good one

  • LjAyboOGie

    yo Bam that was TIGHT!!!
    that brought me back to King/Virgil and the SIPA days!

  • KJ Butta

    this video definitely took me back, with the tails, wisps, and cruisin’ on bmx bikes. keep schoolin’ the youth my brother!! Big ups to Xylophone & Kid Heroes for a dope video and my brother Bam for his talent and vision

  • JRS

    whoa…big ups bam and pat. saw both treatments on okplayer and kidheroes.net and it was refreshing to see something “different.” good work fellas.

  • Chasuibow

    Sweet video. We all need to see more of this kind of music and artist. Keep it up.

  • phattyboom

    Be sure to check out the full short-film version here: http://kidheroes.net/bambu/
    password hint: whatchu need to get on a jeepney

  • Son of Ran

    WOW, that video was ill! Mad love and the highest respects to Bam the fam! Stay ON TOP brotha, I’ll see you when I get there… ALL LOVE, Son of Ran*

  • DjDueL – SpinCycleLA

    Mad Respect…!!!

    Shit cuts too close to home. Felt like our childhood all over again…!!!



    super official! y’all done did it.. good shit brotha!

  • stevie b.

    dope video to match the artist. the cd is hot!

  • Vann G

    my man Bambu on okayplayer.. I meet this dude in like 98 i knew he was nice, bout time he getting a lil more shine

  • illpoetik (DF)

    yo Bam, congrats sir. the video & song is dope. glad to see you get the kind of shine you deserve.

  • Nyle

    see this is what I’m talkin about! Thanks for being original guys.

  • Thurz

    Props to Bambu!

  • Fatgums

    Video is dope. Song is dope. Album is dope. Best sh*t this year, hands down.

  • Johann Generao (Unorthodox)

    Finally watched the video. Best present this Christmas! His talent is beyond his ethnicity.

    Get to know Bambu!

  • Dahlak

    proud of you brother! keep doing ya thang. till next time…

  • Lyve

    word. shit was kinda dope.

  • JoeySacs

    awesome video. exact change is the truth. word bambu.


    Dope video! Peace to all my Brown Brethren & Sisthren. I don’t think you get shouted out nearly enough. You’ve been repping Hip-Hop culture to utmost for a long while. Kapayapaan!


  • r o a d s

    as usual – Bambu brings fire to his lyrics.. keep it up, bam!!!!

  • tuck your ego

    dopest track on the album…..

    the video doesnt do it for me tho….
    i get what the director is tryna say with the visual elements but it doesn’t match the potency that the song screams for

  • kris blade TSC

    big ups to bam for the dope track! ( my 2nd fave on exact change next to like us) good job on the video…Keep holdin it down for the kasamas!

  • Cruz (A.I.)

    Big ups Bam and DJ Phatrick, do your thing. This song is dope, video is dope, good to see our people on the music video. Hope we can do a show in the West together soon.


  • xylophonistic

    big ups to okayplayer for putting this video out there

    check out Crooks and Rooks: Behind the Scenes to see the story behind the video – http://vimeo.com/2673314

  • Chres


  • eviljared

    Bambu is undoubtedly one of the most underrated rappers from LA…who listens to the game? seriously conscious rappers need more respect…they trying to effect change in their community when no one else will…because they all listening to apple bottom jeans…

  • anonymous00

    that sounded like totally cool dude

  • Thardiust

    I haven’t heard a gangster rap that’s actually good in a long time

  • ckush

    love this shxt !

  • KittyCook

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