Another big release that drops today is Kid Cudi's debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day. I've listened to this album about 10 times already. Regardless of what you may have previously thought about dude, I think, at the very least, this LP deserves your ears before you make up your mind about him. Cudi was recently the focus of BET's new concert series, Rising Icons. Courtesy of NR, you can watch the show in it's entirety, above. If you haven't done so already, check out the OKP homepage and Kid Konami's dope takeover promo.



  • DC215

    Don’t forget to mention Larry Gold’s string arrangements and playing cello…

  • don kwon

    Uhm. So you make one decent mixtape and a completely shitty album and all of a sudden you’re an ‘Icon’ ?! You gotta be kidding me. I know the rap game is so bad these days that Cudi stands out, but he is in no damn way an icon or going to become one with a first album like this. People really gotta stop getting so damn ‘caught up in the stupid internet hype and stop d*ck riding just ’cause he’s easy to market.

  • don kwon

    Addition: This is one of the few decent songs on the album. I’ll give him that. But in its entirety its a weak debut without question. If you include all the mixtape songs, he’s got some excitingly fresh stuff material – but he falls way short in terms of lyrical content; of which and Icon should have.

  • AA Viegas

    i hve to disagree, i like all of the songs except in my dreams. Sing rapping isnt for everyone, so keep the flaming to a minimum

  • -Ismz

    I haven’t heard the album, but in terms of being a rising icon…?
    Don’t you need to have at least dominated the billboards, or have the hip-hop world in a chock hold, maybe have at least 2 albums, or at least 3 singles released already…?

    There has always been 1 hit wonders and single album accomplishments and then they are gone, let wait a few before we use the word icon, just maybe..?

  • solo dolo

    don kwon obviously gets no bitches like cudi. around the double O area (OHIO) we call that a…HATER. this abulm is the shit so go tell someone who cares lookin mf.

  • robot chicken

    i think he just needs to have a rising popularity level, to be a rising icon

  • Waples

    Don kwon:

    I would rather listen to Cudi than 98% of one hit wonders on the radio right now. The reason Cudi stands out is because he is not afraid of being different nor of being himself. Every other artist is about having a chip on his/her shoulder or possessing “SWAG” and that is getting old.

    On another note, does anyknow else feel like the direction of hip-hop mimics Techno/Electronica music?

  • JRSU1

    @ISMZ well since the other rising icons were Keri Hilson (so fine), Wale, etc.. I dont think so.

    Cudi is dope. His music is genius

  • djrubadub

    his album is nice. go support.

  • STZA

    album is splendid!