I think it's safe to say that we were all blown away by the "Untitled/Fantastic" reinterpretation from A Suite For Ma Dukes. It's hard to imagine anyone attempting to recreate that magic again. According to Vtech and Mochilla, many producers have attempted and then changed their mind, but Georgia Anne Muldrow followed through. The project began as a tribute from one mother to another (Ma Dukes). On this mother's day week (don't forget to send those gifts!), watch above as Georgia remixes the Slum Village classic with her son Nokware in her lap. Georgia insisted that she didn't want to chop up the song, but rather play along as if she was there in the orchestra. You can download the track

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(right click & save). This remix and two others (Te'Amir & Jneiro Jarel) will be available on a Timeless Remix EP coming this summer.


  • redefineself

    WOW!!! G.A.M. is bad, man!!! Nuff respect to her!!!

  • Culture Starter

    Damn.. ill

  • pound cake

    Georgia is so dope!!! I wish she and Black Milk would do a collabo album. Her singing on his beats, him rhyming on hers (beats). It would definitely be a first. He/She collaboration. I know that was random but yeah so is life. – j. cole

  • Squelch

    Woah that is so damn creamy.

  • Jericho Drumm

    Check out shorty rocking to the beat…a beautiful sight to see!!!

    • SoulChorea

      That kid’s got beautiful music in his BLOOD, you can totally see it coursing through his veins! That was mad cute.

  • Noemik

    She’s a wonderwoman! Baby in lap as she lays down track What!!!!

  • Oji El

    Her seed is soooo lucky! The fonk shall set us free!

  • John Robinson

    Georgia is Definitely one of the ILLEST doing these BEATS right now! Peep her joints forreal if your not Hip!

    I can dig it all day long!

  • .:Stillmatic:.

    wow…thats all i gotta say…she killed it…

  • really doe…

    What? She didn’t do shit. Leave greatness alone and your silly boom clap and touching a few keys is almost a disrespect to all those musicians that spent hard work time and effort to create something special for Dilla. I mean people are so hungry for attention that they can’t just appreciate and listen without adding their two cents. DAMN

  • Bluballz

    I gotta chance to see J Rocc mix the 3 Timeless movies this past wknd at the Seattle Art Museum & it was ridiculoid. If he comes to your city don’t miss it folks.

  • vonduch78

    Dopeness…..I love it! Her and Declaime’s seed is really blessed to be around GOOD music.

  • KD06

    Good track…

  • redefineself

    dapluva!: …does have a good point!!!She did in a way diss what Dilla rep in his flows.

    For those who don’t know what I’m talking about… click her name on this website and there’s an interview and listen to how she defends herself when being compare to Dilla.

    I can understand where she said their music is opposite (DILLA IS THE GREATEST!!!). But she was thinking about their flows/message/what they talk about. She took the question on being compared to Dilla the wrong way.

    What that comparison meant… was that people compare the same elements within the music… not flows. I’m not defending her… trust me y’all!!! As a Dilla Fan, I was offended on how she react to the Dilla question.

    If my music was to be in comparison with Dilla… I WOULD BE HONORED!!! That’s me… He’s the Greatest (Shout to Primo, Pete, Large, Tip, 9th, AL, Havoc, MARLEY… LIST GOES ON)!!!

    So… I still like most her music and her remix is a nice remix… can’t hate on that.

  • LLamabeats

    this is life … sick shit! this woman is dope!
    dilla lives!