Vtech and Mochilla are still blessing us with some great content from Timeless' A Suite For Ma Dukes. Here is the last gem they're giving out from the three DVD set with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and The Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra killing the Slum Village classic "Untitled/Fantastic." You can watch the L.A. performance of the Dilla masterpiece above, and download the mp3

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  • DJ Soulstice

    The best piece of bouncing particles in the air I’ve heard in a LONG TIME! Thank you sincerely for this!

  • Metronome21

    Off the f*in’ hook!

  • dapluva!

    i shed a tear on this one fantastic vol.2 classic album holds a lot a value and memories for me r.i.p Dilla and Baatin

  • Craig B


  • JohnLee

    Sorry to be the pessimist, but I feel most of these Miguel Atwood interpretations fail to capture the real spirit of Dillas tunes; especially this song which really is so dependent on the entire cohesive unit.

  • eazy

    Atwood-Ferguson’s interpretations always sound like Dilla’s music if it were composed for a Spike Lee film, and that is fantastic.

  • 215n202


  • DMc

    It’s easy to focus on Dilla’s drums, but this reminds us that his melodies were so choice. The master…

  • GameTheory4:20


  • culturestarter


  • KD06

    wow…. all i cay say

  • DiViNCi of SoS

    Super Dope..

  • Savvysense

    Yo was it just me? My brain started tingling then my chest got tight this rendition was takin’ me somewhere, Then it dropped me back down.

  • Yank Dini


  • parsecgurl

    this was awesome, watched at lunch and couldnt even eat til it was over.

  • dul

    nice act by violonist “focusing” on one note string…come on let’s be honest, it’s fun but no big thing…

  • Soulful dee

    Easy…I agree 100% I saw the whole documentary and I kept thinking Spike Lee, Spike Lee. Got mine on order should be here any day, can’t wait!

  • splashgordon

    That’s luv. for real, for real

  • Mumble Bum

    Was happy to attend one of the screenings in SF. This whole project is NUTS

    Peace to B+ & Coleman and the whole Mochilla team for making this happen. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson is a BOSS

  • ChikeJ

    Amazing. Gotta see the whole thing.

  • redefineself

    I just got my copy of “Timeless”!!! Classic. A very emotional journey of Dilla’s work. Even my Wife digs the DVD not even knowing Dilla’s work. Fantastic VOL. 2… STRAIGHT CLASSIC!!! I played that album for 2 months straight!!!

  • E-Luv

    WOW! Amazing Compilation! Tight…Tight…Tight!!!

  • kitkat

    wow this group is so dope i remember seeing them in concert in Cleveland years ago on the okaplayer tour they ripped pretty much took over the show seen them again when they visited Columbus again dope performance said that this group was struck by such tragedy so very sad

  • Topsey

    WoW The ending was amazing I keep playing it back.

    Soulful dee it reminds me of a couple of Spike Lee movies just not to sure which one.

    If Untitled/Fantastic is not in your top 10 J Dilla songs then to me your not a real Dilla fan PERIOD.


  • D.J. Nicky Blair

    I can really appreciate Miguel Atwood’s interpretation, It was really beautiful. Dilla’s spirit was definitely there!