Gasface caught up with 88-Keys in his Harlem, NY neighborhood to discuss the late J Dilla. 88 tells the story of when Q-Tip introduced him to Jay Dee during a Beats, Rhymes and Life recording session.


  • Aaron H

    Who the fuck is this sittin in my session man?

  • kyle h.

    geek down????

  • kyle h.

    how you gonna say you met dilla in ’94, but then the caption says “during a beats, rhymes, and life” recording session. suspect!!!!!!

  • Aaron H

    Damn, so this mofo was not only on Dilla’s dick about his beats, but also his clothes??? “I looked him up and down…”.

  • *sigh*

    I tire of everyone mentioning this man’s name to gain some sort of notoriety (stans and industry cats alike). let the man rest. mentioning his mame don’t make you the sh.t too.

  • ppuff711

    some people need to relax and let others pay homage. instead of hatin, appreciate how dilla affected so many different people

  • dillaBeDaBest

    we get mad when we hear people talk about lil wayne being the best rapper alive, and then we get mad when we talk about dilla being the best,

    make up your mind people!


    and its like that

  • pierrethedj

    what a lousy video!

  • dapluva!

    Range Rovers Polo helly hansen and dilla whats better than that?

  • gtjn vb

    how are ya gonna disrespect 88-keys like that? do you know what he’s done for hip hop? he’s been around for a long time

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