Last week we got a freestyle video from SXSW featuring some underground cats that are no strangers to cyphers. Today we get parts 2, 3, and 4 of the session courtesy of HHO. Watch as Fresh Daily, 88-Keys, Tanya Morgan, P.Casso, and Homeboy Sandman take turns rippin’ the mic. Parts 3 and 4 are after the jump.


  • judgmental prick

    sandman and Fresh daily made everyone else look like amateurs, and i’m not a fan of their songs. but when you strip it all down clearly they are the professionals even if the rest were satisfactory (von will begin to come off as pro after a few more years maybe.)

  • 2infinity4ever

    Uhhhhhh, dont agree. Sand man spit some verse’s not freestyles, BUT they were hot. Fresh is a beast this is true. From his FIRST mixtape dude been killin, and he’s a nice aerosol artist as well. P. Casso was cool as well but he has an ERIE closeness to the look and movement of Blitz the Ambassador, and I’ll take Ambassador all day as my preference. But I was feelin this all around though.