The homie TiRon has just released his latest tape, Ketchup (Mixed by DJ Low Key). Without bias, I can say this dude is definitely somebody you should get to know if you're not familiar with his music already. He's got some brand new joints as well as some older songs to help y'all catch up to what he's been doing. Features on the tape include Blu, Pac Div, Miguel, Tunji, and Ayomari. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

>>>Download: TiRon- Ketchup


  • crakhed

    no production credits?? FUCK

  • Dreams of an Automated Future

    Track #2 “Go Ronnie” is SICK. TiRon definitely has a new fan given the strength of this mixtape and his first one, Handshakes and Pounds.

  • Something 2 say

    This is NICE!!! Honestly a step up from handshakes and Pounds. I would love to see him put out a full length album. Artists like TiRon need to get more shine(no pun intended) The production behind him fits well and the whole mixtape flows nice. Cali is doing it. I hope he stays independent though because it seems like he will be able to manuever well. If he continues to put out quality I know I will definitely support.

  • dancePA

    who made the music?

  • no love

    no production cred?

    if it wasnt for the beats the raps would need a lot more ketchup to be tasty.

  • chillmode

    kinda selfish yeah, the beats are bangin, but so is a large part of the rhymes.. but yeah no production credits???

  • LA Bomber

    His style is a Kanye West offspring. Still pretty good music though. The production holds this together real nice.

  • DJ Low Key

    Glad y’all are enjoying the tape…Here’s the production credits…

    1. Still Never Happy (Prod. by Madlib)
    2. Go Ronnie (Prod. by SA-RA Creative Partners)
    3. The High (Prod. by Jack Sample Pros)
    4. My Wingman & Me feat. Ayomari (Prod. by Phonix)
    5. Throwing My Money (Prod. by Fisticuffs)
    6. She feat. Pacific Division (Prod. by Cook Classics)
    7. 3 Drink Minimum feat. Ayomari (Prod. by SA-RA Creative Partners)
    8. So Called Twenties feat. Ayomari (Prod. by Cook Classics)
    9. Go feat. Miguel (Prod. by Fisticuffs)
    10. Def 82 feat. Buff 1 & Ayomari (Prod. by Cook Classics)
    11. Yea, You Crazy feat. Mibbs (Prod. by Swiff D)
    12. Paper feat. Pacific Division (Prod. by Phonix)
    13. Sydney feat. Ayomari (Prod. by Cook Classics)
    14. Quitter feat. Tunji & Ayomari (Prod. by DJ Dahi)
    15. Shine On (Prod. by Oren Yoel)
    16. All The Kings Men (Prod. by GodLeeBarnes)