Yeah that’s two free mixtapes in one week. Normally we don’t go so hard with the the mixtape co-signs, but good music is good music and we’d hate to not share it with y’all. The kid Theo is premiering “The Birth” here at OKP. As seen from our other posts on him, we definitely think dude is on the come up. So vibe out this weekend to his latest effort with features from Skyzoo and J.A.M.E.S Watts. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

>>>Download: Theo “The Birth”

1. Hi (Prod. Judah)

2. There’s Meaning (Prod. Kris Fame)

3. Good Morning America (Prod. Young E)

4. Sweetest Language (Prod. Profit)

5. T.V Show (My Life) (Prod. Brose)

6. Hola Oh Theo (Prod. Young E)

7. Star Struck

8. Lightwork

9. Dillagence

10. Ridin Down The Freeway

11. Keep Doing Your Thing Ft. Skyzoo (Prod. Kris Fame)

12. Grammy Family (Gramphone Flow)

13. Creator

14. High Life Ft. J.A.M.E.S Watts (Prod. Santo Angelo)

15. Somethin For Me

16. iDream (Prod. Brose)

17. Theo till Infinity (Prod. Austin White)


  • Jonelle

    Soo excited to hear this…this dude is dope!

  • Jones MK

    Good music theo…
    Prov City supports you.

  • Mista Mista

    Incredible Mixtape…I recommend all take a listen. WELL WORTH IT!

  • Sherry

    You just keep getting better and better =)
    Brilliant work Theo!

  • Speeakz

    “The Birth” is TOO dope!



    Speeakz of PinBoard

  • Santo Angelo

    This is an instant classic. And my man’s looking like the black Bruce Wayne on the cover.

  • Billy gates

    What looks good on this other than Skyzoo’s guest spot?

  • kristy

    When I heard the first song I knew it was going to be sick!


    Congrads homie! We made HISTORY! I THINK! HAHAHAHA

  • 30rocc

    Hot mixtape kid 4 reel

  • Jayzon1

    I think this CD is real well put together, props on this guy for for this mixtape. .he got true talent.

    anyone got a contact on him? where can i reach dude?

  • Gem Star

    I’m soooo proud of you!!
    Keep up the GOOD work!!
    Sweet flava in my ear!!!

  • Father Breakfast

    I’m late for work just to download this. It is well worth it. Congrats homie. The 22nd we shall celebrate.

  • Young E the Boss Man

    ive been waiting for 12AM

  • The Boy Fresh829

    This Mixtape is a Problem……..a problem!!!!

  • Sayyyy Sooo

    This was actually pretty hot……good shit

  • Mixtapesammelstelle

    Really Dope this one!

  • mrdylanmichael

    dammit theo. This mixtape is so chill it brought me full circle and made me angry. Great work man.

  • Santo Angelo

    Heres a Bonus.

    Theo x Foals – Electric Boom Remix

  • J Nasty

    THEO!!! We bout to have the state on smash…
    22nd if you in NEW ENGLAND area, you know where you need to be @!!!


    THEO let’s get it poppin’

  • The eFF

    I love this kid.

  • Thurz

    THEOOOO…I hope you’re as talented on the court as you are on the mic. I’m bringin my kicks to hoop sonnnnn! Big Ups!



  • gremline

    this thing is terrible..i betchu none of you can remember any of his lines after you hear it…lupe wanna be…i fell asleep after track 3..

  • Santo Angelo

    Exclusive MP3: Theo x Foals – Electric Boom (Santo Angelo Remix)
    Link: http://sharebee.com/0cc8f961

  • Purple People Eater.

    Gremline shut up nigga you listen to Flo Rida and Young Burg.

    this joint is wild. That joint with Brose is the top joint right now.

  • Britany

    SO DOPE and refreshing…. Calgon – takes me away

    Mixtape review at the link above!

  • Krypt Keeper

    That Goood morning america is hot

  • paradigm

    this won’t be on the tape:

    theo/foals/santo angelo

    Electric Boom Remix


  • peeaivo

    Listen it, really.

  • ta ta

    Besides the Skyzoo joint check for High Life..J.A.M.E.S Watts killed it on that track…

  • muchhops23

    Theo you have mad heat son…i am VERY excited for hip -hop’s future with artists like you.

  • Nick the Renown Beat Critic

    Great mixtape! I didnt know about this guy before i heard the buzz but i never listened to him. Now i know what all the hype was about!

  • Nick the Renown Beat Critic

    Good look okayplayer

  • Young Money

    wow its the new england takeover mr.theo coming thru onpoint as usual

  • J’Juan

    This is my fav joint …

    10. Ridin Down The Freeway

    FIRE!!!!!!!!! I-95 Destination Providence!

  • J. Vega

    Damn. Theo’s got the internet on SMASH right now!

    Keep it up my dude.

    And oh yeah…

    R.I. Stand the fuck up.

  • Nov Ganon

    Congrats!!! def gona bump this keep pushing bro!!!

  • Pizzoonie

    401 all day!!!!! Theo keep doing what your doing, anyone in RI who appreciates real music is supporting you!!!!

  • yaboy

    this is some good music… i will definately be checking for theo from now on.

    ri stand up

  • Avey

    Riding Down the Freeway & Star Struck are my favorites, but the whole mixtape is nice!

  • iamjaydadon

    classic…yeah…north carolina said so!!!

  • Leah Costa

    Theo…. I can tbelive this is you!! You should know who it is (Rukiz’s Lil Sis)….. Beside that I am happy for you and your mix tapes!! I haven’t seen you in a while. It must be because you hittin us with that hot music and mix tapes!! I miss You……..

    401 401 401 401 RHODE ISLAND ALL DAY BABY!!

  • SnoopFrog

    I like Theo, but this mixtape was just ok. He had some dope tracks on her def, but I don’t know about it being “amazing” or “brilliant”. I’m not hating, I do look forward to hearing more music from this guy!

  • penisjoke

    does he have a myspace or a website?

  • Grand E

    Look out for it Lookin to collab on somethin in the near future holla by the way F.R.E.S.H.

  • JF Baby



  • Austin White

    My man THEO!!!

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