Over this past weekend ?uestlove was in a giving mood on his twitter account where he gave away "Sandwiches" from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Sandwiches are those jams you hear the band playing going into and coming out of commercial breaks. Since the show's conception this past March up until today, The Roots crew have written 1,000 (that's not a typo) of these fillers. Courtesy of It's All The Way Live, we have the 22 sandwiches the Mighty Afro unleashed, compiled into this EP. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

>>>Download: Sandwiches


  1. Once In A Lifetime
  2. Sizuuuuuuuurpin
  3. Head Slicer
  4. Spain (ft. Chick Corea)
  5. The Juice of Chicago
  6. Baatin
  7. Woman
  8. Choir Fire
  9. Teen Town
  10. Cant Keep Headphones on Head
  11. Red Toe Nail Bashing
  12. Blinded By The Light (No Douche Here)
  13. Caveman for Dennis Quaid
  14. Wan Cook Soup
  15. Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment
  16. I Get Lifted
  17. Werewolf Barmitzvah
  18. Like This Anna Torv
  19. Breezin (ft. George Benson)
  20. EvenzarahlikesTHISone
  21. The Suits
  22. Usher In That Choir



  • osiel

    yes some new and free Legendary!!!

  • kidtruth

    Early Christmas, free roots! I always wondered where all these little intros and outros came from and what happened to them.

  • wowww

    too generous!

  • UHMinSoCal

    fun jams to flow to!

  • KingOnMars

    I got the new Roots EP for 5 dollars

  • Quealy Jackson

    Now, tell me who can (expletive) with The Roots?

  • bbk

    love the weather report.

  • TrySomeEllis

    I knew the jams would be tasty! Thanks for the free taste!

  • STZA

    nice ones! but i’d appreciate a collection of the band’s live versions of the show act’s songs as well (beastie boys, wale, snoop dogg…) 😉

  • Soul Incredible

    This is hot! Quest can we get some audio of the guest music performances with the Roots on the backing from the show?

  • Kris Townsend

    Werewolf Barmitzvah?! that’s hillarious!

  • oskar

    i love u guys for this!

  • Dana J.

    This shit is bananas. Sometimes people just want to here a jam! Damn!

  • jazzy t

    thanks to the Roots for putting this out. It’s nice to flow to… Lovin the George Benson song.

  • Me:..


  • Grrr

    Spooky scary…

  • nadnerb

    one word: eargasmic

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Damn, thats madness!!!!!! i got chills listening to “Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment”..

  • nifer

    xmas came early! eardrums lovin thissss

  • J-Jam

    Wow! Thanks so much!


    Whats with the sandwiches ? lol dope though


    Wow track 15 is amazing

  • Shaun P

    Sandwiches, a la Dilla’s donuts, there’s a food connotation going on. Tracks 5 & 6 are so smooth.

  • RQ Away

    HELLPPP!!!! the link won’t work for me, please is there an alternate link?

  • JaXX

    im getting a 404 error at It’s All The Way Live…anyone else getting this?

    is there another way to get it?

  • vendetta

    can i get a re up on the link for this jawn?

  • Jerryiz

    Need a link….Im hungry and need some sandwiches…

  • KROME1

    can we get a reup? Or another link pleeeaaaase

  • Philip Arthur

    You can still get Sandwiches here: http://www.mediafire.com/?n41zjnd1n3c

  • Philip Arthur

    The Roots need to put together a jazzy, hip hop, reggae instrumental album. Just like the Beastie Boys did. Seriously this needs to be done and released in various volumes.

  • Bat-Mite740805

    Even with all of the issues, “Sizzurp!” is the triple truth, Ruth.

  • S.Zhivago

    this is amazing!!! I agree with Phillip (thanks for the link)..PLEASE put out a series or compilation albums with your affiliated artist. The world needs something like this!

  • miguelkbvc


  • frank booth

    them doing the mike myers song from so I married an axe murderer is to good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hadeezle


  • el cinco


  • it look like very delicious

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