While the 6/22 release date for How I Got Over was something we had heard a while back, The Roots' were still working on the album as early as last week when the label pushed the button on making this date firm.  Now the label and the band are all-systems-go on putting the final touches on the record and getting the word out that its on the way soon.   Def Jam posted a tracklist this morning on their site but it was missing a few details.  Here is what we have and even this not complete as the group just finished the interludes last night.

1. Walk Alone (Truck North, Porn, Dice Raw, Mercedes Martinez)
2. Dear God 2.0 (Jim James, Monsters of Folk)
3. Radio Daze (Blu, Porn, Dice Raw, Mercedes Martinez)
4. Now Or Never (Phonte Coleman, Dice Raw)
5. How I Got Over (Dice Raw)
6. The Day (Blu, Phonte Coleman, Patty Crash)
7. Right On (Joanna Newsom, Sugar Tongue Slim)
8. Doin It Again (John Legend)
9. The Fire (John Legend, Rick Friedrich)
10. Web 20/20 (Truck North, Peedi Crakk)
11. Bonus Cut

Sites out there posting the track listing are missing track 10.  We dont have the name for the bonus cut but it was produced by ?uesto and again features STS, among others.  ?uesto samples Major Lazer on the track.  There are supposedly three or four interludes which will have their own titles.  The singles are "Dear God," "The Fire," and "Doin It Again."  "The Fire" is the song the group made for their performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  There is a listening session tonight here in NYC so the sites and blogs will be buzzing with info in no time.


  • J a w s h

    WOO, i’m pretty excited.

  • redefineself


  • Pooz30

    No Black Thought solo tracks?

  • Yay

    Blu on 2 tracks!! That’s wassup! Ill recognize ill…

  • soulson25

    i thought the gals from dirty projectors are going to be the album.

  • dil_withers

    what happened to the cody chesnuTT cover of “serve this royalty”
    and the other song “Celestial Blues”???

  • J-Jam

    All very good points below, hope someone takes note…

  • fullcompass

    This is gonna be doooooooope.

  • chappy


  • Maestro

    “Celestial Blues?” Cody?

  • blu fan

    huge for blu
    seen roots live three time..greatest music in the world fav lyracist black thought!

  • Austen

    Where’s the Peaches in Regalia cover?

  • dope

    sounds like def jam is rushing another dope album… not that i don’t think the roots can still deliver, but it sounded like def jam did the same thing with wu-massacre… let these cats breathe, whats the deal.

  • AmericaTheUgly

    No Malik B.? ….I was really hoping for very minimal or no features this time around….This is what made Rising Down the worst Roots album to date IMO..Oh Well..I sure hope i eat my words this summer.

  • jrscfnk


  • Grrr

    9 songs and a bonus track? How very Illmatic of you, Roots. These 9 songs better be the most banging tracks in the Roots discog. Eh…

  • A Griot

    pretty monstrous line up for collabs.

  • watitdone

    PHONTE AND THE ROOTS!?!? holy shiet can’t wait

  • OffBeaT

    That’s pretty cool they are doing a version of Dear God by Monsters Of Folk. I’m recorded a verse to that about 3 months ago. Quest, Thought…can I make a late submission, lol

  • SubK

    I agree with the comment about the features making the album worse. I agree that Rising Down is the worst Roots album of them all, and the reason for that is probably because of all the guest features it had. All of these songs are jam packed with a bunch of features once again, just like Rising Down. I was really looking forward to this album, and I still am, but now that I see all these guest features, I’m curbing my enthusiasm a bit. Its a shame because Black Thought is the best MC alive in my opinion…let the man do his thing without so many other people hoping on the song with him. It would probably make for a better album.

  • damn

    too many features

  • dillachangedmylif3

    WOAHH did i just see B-L-U on 2 tracks!? I just died for a minute, no lie

  • RootsLover

    Black Thought has held down so many Roots albums by himself for so long. If he invites other ppl to jam with him then cool. I think BT has solidified himself as a great emcee that can hold down an album w/o help. If these 10 songs are ill who cares if its only 10?

    Some people are way too picky. Ya’ll probably go to a comedy show, sit in the front row just so you can mean mug the comedian. Fuck is you here for??? #FuckOuttaHere


    Lots of features.. Damn.

  • red poet

    what happened to Serve This Royalty?

  • thisisdantana

    the way the guests are listed here is deceiving.

    Dear God, How I Got Over, Doin It Again, and The Fire all only have Black Thought and no other emcees. The artists mentioned sing the choruses on those songs.

    Also, the bonus track is called “Hustla”

    There are three interludes, one of them is the intro. It will likely read as 13 on the liner card.

  • JamieP

    Im a roots fan from way back and Im really looking forward to hearing this new album but I have to agree about my disapointment with rising down and the ammount of guest appearances on this album is looking a little over whelming.

    come on guys! lets get back to that classic roots crew formula. The true fans miss that shit

  • Dunks

    Nice to see Phonte on there. Good fit…

  • Henk

    I was hoping this would be a return to form after a disappointing Rising Down… but seeing the track list with all the features by so-so artists and the so-so video released some time back, I’ll have to hear it a few times first before considering buying.

  • CL Smoothest

    I was definitely pumped when i heard rumors of the peaches en regalia cover…disappointed not to see it. pumped none-the-less.

  • Blummmmmmmmmmm

    the guests is a bunch of lame crap.

    The Roots always have stood out to me for the originality not featuring guests all over their albums. That stuff is for no talented hacks.

  • SuperDopetastic

    still can’t stand that fucking cover.

  • Hirkosaki

    All this Philly music got me hype! But if the Roots don’t collab with Sudan soon I’ going to be pissed. Peedi and Chiddy Bang are cool and I understand they have growing to do as artist and the roots are trying to help but Sudan is nice and already there!


  • fan164

    nice to see so much criticism for this album that NONE OF YOU HAVE FUCKING HEARD YET.

    maybe wait until you hear it until your shit on the features?


    Im just sayin.. It’s suprising to see all those features. I’m sure it’s gonna be dope!
    Yall gotta admit, The Roots KILL IT with EVERY album.
    Even if you don’t like one of their albums that much.. It’s still a dope album. Just not your favorite. Let’s turn these negative words around.. make em positive!
    The Roots are still yalls favorite band. Sheeeit!


    weres rahzel and malik b? and far too many guests and all this time and only 10 joints booo

  • really doe…

    I wouldn’t want to be considered a feature with Black Thought because after he goes in, everyone else will be an afterthought.
    There’s a lot of guests, but what I’m looking forward to is the production, the message, and the flows. A special guest by Malik B would really take it there. Congrats


    who the fuck is Mercedes Martinez)

  • kidtruth

    Dope. I’ve liked every Roots album more than the last, I loved Rising Down. First day purchase for me. Blu and Phonte are two guests that will be PERFECT for the Roots.


    “Who is Mercedes Martinez?” – a whole lot of F’s

    She’s one half of the Jazzyfatnastees…haven’t heard them in a minute, should be some refreshing sh!t…plus she used to be fin as a mug IMO…hope she still is…not that it matters…who gives a f^ck. Can’t remember if it was her or Tracy singing on “Clocks” (Game Theory).

  • musik lova


  • troog speaka

    stop complaining about guest features. most are regular roots affiliates. most of the non regular features are singers. if you don’t like the cover, you don’t like the cover, but stop hating on an album you haven’t heard yet.

  • troof speaka

    oh yeah…btw, rising down was excellent imo. it’s the tipping point that was their lowest point to me.

  • troof speaka

    people asking for malik b as if he hasn’t been basically gone for 10 years. same for rahzel. catch up with the present.

  • warwick village

    i can’t help it, being from VA i would love to hear skillz on another roots jawn. no hate involved in that statement, just wishful thinking.

  • OkayLoverSince99

    I am so happy to see THE ROOTS come out with this project. Me being THE ROOTS lover since WHAT THEY DO, know that this join is major. The tracklist and the guests are looking perfect.Still bumping DEAR GOD 2.0.

    THE ROOTS all I can say is work on this joint so I can go and pick up my normal 2 copies. What recession? I’m Black, I was born in financial crisis. Thanks for all the music over the years.

    Okayplayer music is the Real music. Somebody please wake D’Angelo up. We miss him.

  • Huh?!

    I’m excited about Phonte. I wonder if he is singing, rapping or both.

  • rapswell

    yall lames cant catch me way to far in the lead, rap designated driver takin it to where you need, few things up the sleeve dogg we rollin like chris reeves, or rollin like thick trees, silly ringtone rappers only spread disease, tried so many times to tell em this technology cant hold me, ipods spontaneously combust when you put it on homey zero percent phony, blown so many soundsystems when I spit IM gettin sued by sony

  • jjj

    wow, a lot of featured artists.
    i’m excited about blu being on so much. can’t wait for the album to drop.

  • CGS

    weren’t cody chesnutt and pharoahe monch supposed to be on this album? where are their songs?

  • spook01

    web 20/20… can’t wait! anyone who had The Tipping Point, knows that shit went hard!

  • gunner4ever

    where is malick b

  • troof speaka

    you cannot ask about a person whose name you cannot even fucking spell correctly.

  • gunner4ever

    you stupid fuck troof speaka i just made a typing error you cunt

  • damstergodzillaburrito

    where’s peaches? whats cooler than roots playing zappa music! oh well, it’ll be great anyway like always. it’ll have been worth the wait.

  • J Tree11

    No pre-sale with Tshirt from OKP???? I’ve liked the last 2 releases buying directly through the site and getting the shirt with it..

  • MrDangDang

    I just received this email from InSound (where I purchased my LP preorder):

    Hi folks!

    I’m deeply sorry to report that the release date for the Roots LP has been delayed. The new street date is July 6th. I have no further information on the reason for the wait sadly.

    Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience,


    Jory Dominguez


    Customer Service


    Any info on this? I wonder if it’s just the LP, or all versions (Digital, etc) – the only place I’m seeing this delay is in my email, nowhere else are they talking about it.

  • GlennLorene

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  • seaweed

    Some of y’all don’t know what your talking about. Most of the features are singers, singing hooks . Let’s all come down about the cameos. U can say rising down was the worst roots album but it still was dope. Black thought don’t need to spit 3 verses every song.

  • nike air jordan jumpman pro


  • DL

    Uhhhh, Rising Down the worst?? Naw, that would be Phrenology…

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