The Roots new album, How I Got Over, is just 5 days away from its' official release. It's about time y'all got an extended listen to the full album. Above is the HIGO preview widget, giving you 90 seconds of every song on the final LP. Along with this preview, Def Jam is also offering a pre-order of the HIGO vinyl ($12.99), as well as the HIGO bundle ($29.99) featuring the HIGO CD + the "Doin It Again" digi download + the HIGO t-shirt. Click away at that widget and get those pre-order purchases poppin'. HIGO will be in stores June 22nd.



  • djalross

    awww hell yeah!

  • gunner4ever

    i am feeling this album.higo i gonna be a roots classic. cant wait to get this classic and jam it. there is some banger on this album. well done. you guys have lived up to expectation. BIGUPS from trinidad

  • dbruy

    this is hiphop…

  • eazy

    I was a little worried back when i saw the tracklist, but i am loving the return of the “band” sound. a lot of past Roots albums have sounded too over-produced. Ive missed the days when they actually sounded like they were playing instruments on the studio albums.
    Good stuff!

  • jrwilsonua

    Radio Daze is dope as hell

  • tjr

    Amazing. Can’t wait to hear it all in full. Especially ‘Right On’- that is a fantastic beat.

  • Cril of Out Da Box TV

    Music sounds great! Can’t wait to get this

  • syncap8

    love it! inspired from just this little taste

  • thesoulfulsoul

    OH WOW this sounds incredible!!!

  • MrDangDang

    Is it wrong that I can’t bring myself to listen to this yet until the album comes out? I don’t want to experience the whole album in 90 second chunks, I think I’ll wait. I mean I CAN’T WAIT, but, I WILL WAIT, nah mean?

    FYI I got my Vinyl Preorder at Insound for 9.99. Just sayin’…

  • MrDangDang

    Man, I don’t like to sound all negative, but that tee shirt is kinda bogus. Who’s idea was it to put the Milk Ad parody on it? Who’s idea was it to take a nice shirt and make it a cheap laugh? I’m sayin’…

  • komeda

    seems like rather calm, relaxed and peaceful record – in opposition to game theory and rising down. love both and think i gonna also love the new one.?uest is the maaaaan

  • TheAT9

    Great music sound… I love it!

  • Uhurube

    This is what legends do!!!

  • p. dom

    tuesday can’t get here soon enough. ”a piece of light” is absolutely breathtaking. i can’t stop playing it.



  • Scrilla

    Holy Crap…that sounds incredible….

  • a thing that falls apart

    5 Star-shit

  • Pooz30

    Oh my god, I don’t want to ruin the feeling of listening to it right through when I tear the plastic off, but you guys are making it hard!!!

  • watitdone

    I don’t buy CD’s too often but I always make an exception for The Roots.

  • soulful Dee

    As someone who own EVERY Roots album that they have come out with(yeah Organix) I will have to say this is the most solid album I’ve heard from them since things fall apart. I know you all might gasp but this just sounds like The Roots. Like easy said they sound like a band. Ever since Phrenology I haven’t gotten that feel. Game theory and Rising down really had a strong statement and I think that overtook the album. I definitely understood the statement but this has some real excitement to it. I remember seeing the video for “next movement” and was like yeah this song is a winner and I feel the same way about “How I got over” the song. Can’t wait to see them perfom some of these songs. Roots fan since ’94’ right here!

  • red poet


  • nasswhipp

    i never felt the need to make a comment or read the comments for that matter but this album sounds sooooo great. Good looks to the Roots Crew for giving me a reason to hit the record store next week.

    Btw Blu sounds great on this

  • A Griot

    sounds fantastic. It’s like all the most amazing parts of all the old roots cd melted in to one awesome.. new cd! I’m really excited guys!

  • blu fan

    Been to soo many roots concerts

    and i bought all the albums in the past

    i was sceptical about blu on this album bc he is one of my fav new artist..

    all i can say is bblu’s verses smashed it!

    plus with the roots they sound perfect..

    my ears are truly blessed today! thanks okayplayer

    love ya’ll

  • cundy

    haha try wipe the smile off my face! ive had my fingers crossed for a long time hoping that this would be great. and it is! THE ROOTS ARE BACK!

  • Junkman

    Yeah, I almost never buy cd’s anymore either. I did buy Reflection Eternal and Nas/Marley on the same day. I guess I do cop every Roots album? Anybody recommend that new Rhymefest too?

  • KingOnMars

    My new theme song is Now or Never. How could you ever doubt these guys. It’s HipHop.


    It’s the grown up version of Do You Want More?!!!??! and I appreciate it… Cause I’m grown up now.

  • roots fan since 94

    wow, pure quality. i love the sound of this record. it has a “do you want more?!?!” vibe to me. awesome!

  • Hungarian

    Shame, I can’t buy the bundle (or the other options) from Def Jam as I have a Hungarian billing address…

  • JRaddah


  • BrotherKev




  • Tokosi

    So happy itz coming out.CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • yakulto

    Sounds like the best thing The Roots have made for a long time (and I’m a big fan), if not possibly as good as anything they’ve ever done.

  • hempress

    can’t wait

  • allyfe

    I mean every song is fire, clearly one of the best albums…In the tradition of great albums when people created real art…. this is hip hop classic….

  • FromDayOne

    Awesome. I wasn’t feeling The Fire much everything else here is just right on the money. Could it be their best?

    I dared to imagine it could be…and Philly didn’t let me down.

    Peace to The Roots.

  • ilovemusik

    This is true dopeness!!!These dudes will be around forever because their sound never repeats itself. Been loving them since ’93 and they keep bringing that heat everytime. I am anticipating them returning to the Norva in Norfolk VA(hint, hint…:)

  • Damoses215

    im w/ ilovemusik, I live in the hampton roads (757) but originally from Philly and i need a show @ the NORVA like yesterday. it would make this one of the dopest summer shows ever. Big up to my 215th fam.
    Peace & love everybody

  • jay921

    100 percent wack… Just playing. Will probably get it Sunday off Itunes. Support Real Good Music. Hope it goes Platinum at least.

  • Main-One


  • KBz

    F*(k the roots! They got this dope a$$ album, best album of the year, but don’t tour no more!?!? They better bring this on the road.

  • Libby

    Such a TEASE! I want more!!

  • That Afrikan

    So sonical – bullet-proof music! Restores one’s faith in music, hip-hop and the arts. Un-song-skippable album, one of the finest of the Roots cannon. Sounds so good. 2010 has been musically beautiful so far. Been a Roots fiend for a decade now, and it only continues. The musicality of this beast is priceless. Thank you, Roots!

  • dapluva

    The Roots are the best next to Outkast and Slum Village

  • 858


  • kidtruth

    This sounds amazing. definitely a first-day buy for me. The Web 20/20 and Hustla beats are dope! Whole thing sounds quality. I remember when Okayplayer first put up the Dirty Projectors hanging out with the Roots, right after the Roots heard them for the first time. I guess after that is when they put them on the album (that’s them in a few the intro and I think elsewhere). Cool, makes me feel like I got to hear the album progress. sorta. I see they moved away from the James Brown feel, except for the single of course. This is like.. a step beyond where Game Theory was, to me. The beats sound classier and less poppy than some of the more thoughtful tracks on Game Theory. Not that I don’t love that album, but this…

  • Oneeepat….!

    About time…..now do some summer tour dates…!

  • gregory kruxx

    got the album pure dopeness

  • gunner4ever the alb

    where did u get the album gregory

  • jrome

    bangin album!

  • Mishoo

    A DREAM!!!!! the roots = the backbone of hip hop! Thank you for STAYING AUTHENTIC throughout the years.

  • jme3000

    he’s got the album already because its been leaked…shame…still have to buy the album tho if you liked it…

  • Chi606

    Hot record… Now will someone explain why pre-order CD’s come with an MP# download, but Vinyl pre-orders don’t?
    That’s ridiculous!

  • PhillyROOTed

    One Word, WOW!!!!! I’m on June 22!!!!


    yesss Blu is on this, just from these snippets you can tell it’s going to be a good album

  • king!

    how can i buy this package, when i live in canada? please help me out here!!!

  • spook01

    G O O N T O U R !!! please?!

  • publik21

    omfg, album is pure dopeness. this bonus track, Hustla, with autotuned baby’s cry as sample is FIRE!!!!! cant believe it’s even possible to pull out something like that. crazy sh**.
    every song is amazingly good. album of the year so far.

  • gunner4ever the alb

    please buy this album its a master piece. don’t download its a fucking classic . TRINI

  • j0seph

    didn’t understand Dear God at first, but it totally makes sense in context now.

  • jlagos

    I hope they put it all together W/ a dope tour!

  • Dako the feather Indian

    I have a Pre order coming to me already, but I still might buy a copy when it drops on shelfs, just to support the Greatist band since 87!! this album is a masterpice plane and simple not much else need be said!!!

  • Savvysense

    You know shit is good when in the first few seconds you close your eyes.

  • Chi606

    @ Savvysense: Straight up. I put on headphones to preview… ended up listening to the album straight through, eyes closed, amazed. Can’t wait ’till tomorrow to see how it wounds on WAX!
    [Today’s the 62nd birthday of the Vinyl LP Record. Celebrate by visiting your local independent record store and talking them into giving you HIGO a day early!]

  • daximus

    This is music…blessed to inspire blessnz!!!!

  • Missy Madison

    The roots of hip hop music right here! Love this 90 second thing instead of the 30 second itunes bs, but still gotta get that album as soon as its on the shelves. This album is still as good as all the other works by the Roots, they’re still kickin’ it…this far surpassed my expectations. Wrote about The Roots on my blog cannot..absolutely cannot wait until tomorrow, this is just teasing me haha.


  • Tshepo(South Africa)

    ppl i wana say oh yes wat a album, i cnt wait for it to come out in South Africa

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