The Cool Kids are back at it. Today they released their new mixtape, Gone Fishing, entirely produced by DJ Don Cannon (lovin' that artwork). The tape will serve as the appetizer for their upcoming LP, When Fish Ride Bicycles, dropping later this year. Follow me after the jump for the download link and tracklisting.

>>>Download: The Cool Kids – Gone Fishing


  • DincoT

    I respect these cats! They created a lane for themselves and now everyboy is riding the Cool Kid train!!!

  • Nordy34985

    Anyone got a link that works? All I can find is the dead Megaupload link.

  • Shamz…
  • yep

    Amazing Music

  • Anonimouse

    Thank you Shamz

  • Stubot26

    Neither one of the links is workin’ for me…curses!!

  • Sad Face2

    Links aren’t working

  • Josh B

    This would have potential if I didn’t have to hear “Don Cannon” every 5 seconds.

  • dillachangedmylif3

    the cool kids remind me of U-N-I, they just have different styles

  • jackochs

    shit is dope…. people gonna be jocking cool kids all year