Picking right up where he left off with his Miles Remixed project, The Apple Juice Kid tackles another legend with Beautiful Warriors 2: Louis Armstrong Remixed. The project is a collaboration between AJK and Battalion Armour. Battalion Armour put together a series of six holiday videos featuring six women from six ethnic backgrounds posing to Louis Armstrong, remixed by Apple Juice Kid. The vids are semi-nude and a little racy (check them here). Says Battalion Armour of the project: "I chose Louis Armstrong to provide the soundtrack to the Beautiful Warriors for the whimsical nature of his music and its ability to bridge cultural boundaries with expressions of love. It takes a special type of sound to create the right mood for this ethnically diverse cast of women. The only producer who could give Louis’ music a new twist while respecting the perfection was Apple Juice Kid, who I first met while creating a video for his critically acclaimed Miles Davis Remix album." For AJK's jazz meets hip-hop soundtrack in full, follow me after the jump.

<a href="http://applejuicekid.bandcamp.com/album/louis-armstrong-remixed">Hello Dolly (intro) by Apple Juice Kid</a>



  • don kwon

    Too awesome!!! Great way to school the kiddies on the good stuff. Thanks.

  • The Historian

    Do Billie Holiday, pleassse do Billie Holiday Apple Juice Kid

  • Unda Tha Illest

    Ill! Apple Juice Kid I would love to work with you on this series man. Check me out @ unda.bandcamp.com. Jazz & Hip Hop create a vibe that leaves minds frozen in time.

  • BrothersR

    Apple Juice Kid = Master Teacher !

    That Mile’s album Top ten of all time remixed (and it’s free), still waitin for some lyrics to jump-on, Kweli, Mos, Bahamadia(i wish), Jam Boys, K’nnan, Nneka, ty(uk), Speech Debelle, Soweto Kinch, de la, Q Tip/Phife, Cobe Obeah, Skillz, Rhymefest, Jay Elect’, the list goes on.


    P.s. Is it RIP, or are them Brutha’s Timbo & Kanye comin back from the pop-charts ?
    I know, i’ll get over it.

  • Ryan Luse

    This just reminds me of the amazin direction hiphop and music in general is goin, these are great man. TRUE music lovers always listen to the classics, so to throw a mellow beat over this really makes me smile man, really well done

  • andeemusic.com

    Unda… I like your Album very much check out my remixtape son:

  • YouAreSleeping!

    Word Apple CIder! Do your thing kid, lovin your style bay bro! Rep NC to the death fam

  • Unda Tha Illest


    Thanks for the feedback and the love fam. I’m about to hit the streets and go loop diggin, I’ll check your work out when I get back. Peace.

  • CrimsonMusicHouse

    As A Jazz Musician I Dig This!

  • micahthewolfe

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn—Chris Tucker style

  • www.myspace.com/redcapmedia

    Very nice!!!!!Satchmo would be proud, God bless hip hop

  • JunglistRon

    many thanks kid…cant wait for the next one

  • Chelsea Baratz

    I love it! Love your sound. I’m working on some John Coltrane remixes. 26-2… killin stuff.


  • w.a

    a nice exemple of ethern music

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